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Everinnye was a universe higher than the Sixth Dimension,[1] also described as a dimension, from where originated the Dweller-in-Darkness,[2] and Nightmare.[3]

The ectoplasmic denizens of that dimension can follow the Way of the Shamblu, by disembodying their heads and exist in physical form (while turning their back on their fellow denizens).[2] Nightmare despised that way, though himself, according to the Dweller, degraded himself by adopting his shape and by living in exile among the Lower Universes.[1]


The Dweller-in-Darkness[2] and Nightmare were born in the dimension of Everinnye.[3]

At some point, the Dweller followed the Way of the Shamblu, turning his back on his fellow denizens of Everinnye.[2]

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