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Celebrate this year’s Stark Week with our new “All Versions of Iron Man” miniseries, where we spotlight some of the many armors billionaire super hero Tony Stark has created! Enjoy part one and tune in each day this week for a new episode.


  • Mistakes found in this video:
    • The Iron Man Armor Model 2 is titled as the Classic Armor, when it's mostly regarded as the "Proto-Classic Armor," with the Classic Armor being later versions of the Model 3 and the Model 4.
    • The Model 3 (the Nose Armor) is listed after Model 4. It also has Tales of Suspense #68 mentioned as its first appearance instead of Tales of Suspense #66. Model 4 has Tales of Suspense #85 listed as its first appearance when it should be Iron Man #85 instead.
    • Model 7's description states it sports a dark navy blue coat. It's actually black, having appeared blue in the comics due to the printing limitations of the era.
    • The Iron Man 2020 Armor features the first appearance and description used for Model 4.
    • The "Recovery Armor" is mentioned as being "similar to" Model 1, when it technically is simply a variation of the Model 1 itself.


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