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Continue Stark Week with a new episode of our “All Versions of Iron Man” miniseries, where we spotlight the many armors of Tony Stark’s career! Tune in for part four tomorrow.


  • Mistakes found in this video:
    • The image used for the Iron Man Armor Model 29 (Extremis Armor) barely resembles said suit.
    • The Model 31 (Hulkbuster Argonaut) is mentioned (together with the other Argonauts) to have been activated remotely by Tony Stark, when in reality a sailsafe set up by Ho Yinsen's son did.
    • The Model 34 (Stealth Argonaut) is shown as white and sporting the same design shown for the Extremis Armor, which includes a triangular unibeam. The suit actually is red and gold and possesses a circular unibeam.

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