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"Iron Patriot, Superior Iron Man"
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Cap off this year’s Stark Week with the last episode of our “All Versions of Iron Man” miniseries, spotlighting some of the many armors Tony Stark has created during his super hero career! Thanks for watching.


  • Mistakes found in this video:
    • The Iron Man Armor Model 41 is not listed, and its numeric designation is instead given to the Model 42.
    • The Model 43 is listed as Model 42.
    • The Model 45 (Deep-Space Armor) is presented with the design of a variation of the Model 42 and not its own.
    • Models 46 and 47 are given a numeric designations one number lower than they actually have.
    • The Saturn V extension of the Model 45 is presented as its own armor.
    • The Model 48 is presented with the very same design as the Model 43, when in the comics it was a separate suit worn over said armor.
    • A variation of the Model 50 (Endo-Sym Armor) with a bulky physique is presented as an independent armor and supposedly the Model 51.
    • The Model 51 (Model-Prime Armor) has Iron Man #290 listed as its first appearance instead of Free Comic Book Day 2015 Avengers.
    • The Model 52 is missing.


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