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Placed in the care of Prester John until it seemingly exploded.[1]

The device actually split into six pieces and spread throughout the globe, becoming the focal point of the Avengers/Defenders War.[2][3]

Later, Prester John carried a new version of the Evil Eye called his Stellar Rod.[4]


The Evil Eye is made of an unknown metal and is capable of manipulating matter at the molecular level, firing concussive force blasts, disintegrating matter, nullifying other energy sources, and creating or destroying force fields. The Evil Eye possesses dimensional/time travel abilities as well. It had a "safety" button that charged it, but if the button was left on, the power would rapidly rise to dangerous levels, causing it to explode. The Eye would be broken into six similar bits when it exploded, and they would be pushed through the Earth until they met sunlight again.

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