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The Evolutionary was one of many of the Ape-Men specimens during the early Pleistocene era by the Eternal Phastos who took pity on them. He used his creative abilities to create special-colored armors for them, expose them to cosmic rays while restoring injured members to health using nanotechnology and increasing their intelligence. The one who became the Evolutionary was given a blue colored armor to separate him from his brethren. Also giving them the ability to enter a dormant state to wait between periods of evolution.[1]

The Evolutionary was given the task of safeguarding the species farthest along the evolutionary track and protecting them from those who would target them simply for being an aberration, they sought to protect mankind as they evolved, by eradicating the earlier hominids, and saving the first men children born from them.[2]

After going into a dormant state for eons, The Evolutionary and his group awoke due to the emergence of the next stage in human evolution, mutants. They appeared before Professor Xavier and his X-Men explaining that they were created as mutant-kinds protectors, to see that they survive to become the dominant species on the planet, but they would have to eliminate all humans first. Seeing this as a contradiction to Xavier's dream the X-Men impulsively attack the Evolutionary, but to no success as his abilities were to powerful for them to handle. The Evolutionary next approached Magneto and asked him if he was the representative of mutantkind, in which he said yes.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Flight
  • Concussive blasts


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