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Synopsis for "The Possession"

In the cellar under Excalibur’s lighthouse, Nightcrawler swings through the bars of his gym, as Meggan watches. As she watches, she changes into his form, and joins him in swinging through the bars. As Nightcrawler gazes into her eyes, Brian Braddock walks in, clapping slowly. Meggan flies down to join him. He looks up at Nightcrawler suspiciously, before flying off into the night sky. Meggan, suffering from a headache, also leaves. As Nightcrawler continues to swing through the bars, he is attacked from behind. He tumbles through the bars, barely managing to grab one. He teleports away from his attacker, but it keeps finding and attacking him.

From above, Captain Britain sees smoke pouring from the lighthouse cellar. As he enters, he drives his fist into the creature towering over Nightcrawler. As he keeps hitting the creature, it keeps getting back up, until one final blow knocks it down. Phoenix and Shadowcat arrive just as the creature falls to the ground. While Phoenix repairs the damage, Shadowcat brings up Nightcrawler from the gym, but Meggan is nowhere to be found. Having finished repairs, Phoenix turns to the creature, and reveals it to be Meggan, but she is a deathly grey, being possessed! Shadowcat suggests they contact Alistaire Stuart.

At the Tower of London, Alistaire Stuart argues with his boss. Despite them being warned of strange events by an old man, Myrd, many months ago, his boss refuses to grant Excalibur any help, stating that the budget is in charge, and there’s no money left in the budget. Alistaire Stuart leaves angrily, taking Excalibur to Myrd’s castle himself.

At the Castle, Meggan writhes as the possession grows stronger. Phoenix enters her mind, and manages to reassert most of Meggan’s personality. As they approach the castle doors, they swing open on their own. Suddenly, a rush of ghostly apparitions floods from the doors, overwhelming Phoenix and allowing Meggan’s possession to take over. She transforms and flies away, with Captain Britain and Nightcrawler in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Phoenix, Alistaire and Shadowcat enter the castle, where they find a dazed Myrd.

In the forest, Captain Britain and Nightcrawler search through the trees for Meggan. Eventually they find her, dancing in the centre of a clearing. They both dive for her, but she disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving them alone in the clearing.

Later, Excalibur and Myrd return to Brian’s ancestral home of Braddock Manor. As Emma welcomes them in, Phoenix nearly collapses. As Emma takes her away to rest, the remainder of the group descend into the computer cavern under the Manor, where Brian tries to find Meggan. While it can’t locate her, it detects power surges at the Castle. When they ask Myrd about it, he states that he has forgotten everything before Excalibur found him, but believes he can lead them to Meggan. With little choice, they collect Phoenix and return to the woods outside the castle, where they find Meggan. She is still possessed, but the ghost like creatures have disappeared. They return to the manor, where they try to cure her but with no success. Instead, Myrd suggests they conduct a séance.

Back at Myrd’s castle, Excalibur join hands around a large round table. As the séance begins, a spirit speaks through Alistaire. It is the spirit of Micky, a man Captain Britain could not save. Alistaire is then possessed by Jackdaw, a former sidekick of the Captain’s, and finally Cypher, a former friend of Shadowcat. These 3 spirits are their guides. The spirit of Professor X appears, but they quickly realise it is the spirit of Changeling instead. The spirits begin to battle him, and Jackdaw brings Captain Britain and Nightcrawler’s along to help. His plan to occupy Meggan’s body and live again has gone awry, and so he takes all the spirits to the realm between life and death. Jackdaw has to leave them, and so Nightcrawler and Captain Britain must psychically battle the more experienced Changeling alone. Despite having no training, but acting on impulse, they strike a powerful psychic blow, which Phoenix and Myrd reinforce, destroying the Changeling and returning the spirits of Nightcrawler and Captain Britain to their bodies. As Meggan wakes up, cured, Myrd remembers his identity. He is Merlin, and altered himself to become Myrd, who’s purpose was to locate the Changeling. Then Merlin and the castle fade, leaving Excalibur behind.

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