After the destruction of the legendary Sword in the Stone,[citation needed] the Lady of the Lake gifted to King Arthur Excalibur,[citation needed] which he used for many years to protect Camelot from the forces of evil.[citation needed] Excalibur was wielded in recent years by the Black Knight against the forces of Necromon before returned to the resurrected Arthur.[citation needed] Virtually indestructible, Excalibur was sheathed in a magical scabbard that prevented its holder from losing any blood, regardless of his wounds.[citation needed] The scabbard was twice stolen by Morgan Le Fay; the first time she stole it along with Excalibur and gave both to her lover Sir Accolon,[citation needed] but after Arthur defeated Accolon, Morgan again stole the scabbard and cast it into a lake.[citation needed]

It is currently under the possession of Faiza Hussain, who calls herself Excalibur from its namesake.[citation needed]



  • Ares claimed that he possessed the fragments of the "original Excalibur."[1]


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