The mystical sword later known as Excalibur at some point came into the possession of Grendel's Mother, who stored it in her lair alongside other treasures. During his battle with her, the Geatish hero Beowulf took it up and used it to vanquish her.[1]

After the destruction of the legendary Sword in the Stone,[citation needed] the Lady of the Lake gifted to King Arthur Excalibur,[citation needed] which he used for many years to protect Camelot from the forces of evil.[citation needed] Excalibur was wielded in recent years by the Black Knight against the forces of Necromon before returned to the resurrected Arthur.[citation needed] Virtually indestructible, Excalibur was sheathed in a magical scabbard that prevented its holder from losing any blood, regardless of his wounds.[citation needed] The scabbard was twice stolen by Morgan Le Fay; the first time she stole it along with Excalibur and gave both to her lover Sir Accolon,[citation needed] but after Arthur defeated Accolon, Morgan again stole the scabbard and cast it into a lake.[citation needed]

In modern times, Excalibur came into the possession of Doctor Doom after he kidnapped and imprisoned Morgan Le Fay and made her recite an ancient ritual that bonded the sword to Doom.[2] Doom also sought the sword's scabbard to amplify its power, as a means of battling an extra-dimensional creature that threatened the Earth. Iron Man recovered the scabbard first and together with Doom, defeated the entity. Afterwards, the magician Merlin united sword with scabbard and returned them into the lake. Subsequently, Tony Stark purchased the land around the lake and built over it, hoping to prevent anyone else from finding and misusing the sword.[3]

It is currently under the possession of Faiza Hussain, who calls herself Excalibur from its namesake.[citation needed]



  • Ares claimed that he possessed the fragments of the "original Excalibur."[4]


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