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Synopsis for "Mojo Mayhem"

In the Mojoverse, the X-Babies and Ricochet Rita flee from Mojo’s Trademark Police, despite Little Wolverine’s protestations. As they run, Little Dazzler, jealous of the attention Little Longshot is giving to Little Rogue, trips her up with a wooden board, leaving her to fend for herself against the Tracker Tiger. Little Longshot intervenes, throwing a razor that hits the Tiger in the paw, allowing Little Rogue time to escape. Ahead of them they see a glowing doorway, for the House of Ideas. As Havoc holds them off, the rest dash inside, to find that some of their costumes and appearances have changed. Continuing in, they barricade themselves in a small room at the centre of the building, ‘The House of Jack and Stan’, while the Trademark Police enter the Forbidden House, and open fire on them. As the room they are in glows brighter, the House of Ideas begins to shake, before collapsing; The Trademark Police having only just escaped.

Watching from his screens, Mojo is delighted, as is Major-Domo, who announces that gratuitous destruction is always a ratings winner. Mojo agrees, but demands to know what has happened to the X-Babies. While Minor-Domo panics over the loss of the X-men and now the X-Babies before collapsing , Major-Domo locates the X-Babies in another dimension, Earth-616. Mojo demands their recovery, and so Major-Domo summons ‘The Agent’. As Mojo realises he has no bargaining chips, he reluctantly agrees to pay top dollar for the recovery of the X-Babies. The Agent disappears in a puff of smoke, starting their mission.

On a train running from Edinburgh to London, Kitty Pryde lies awake in her cabin. Burnt out from trying to understand Widget, she went to see her favourite band, Cats Laughing, play in Edinburgh. After meeting backstage with the band, she hopped on the train, to join Excalibur in guarding a royal wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral. As she turns out the light, she hears whispers in the darkness. Suddenly, a light flares in the darkness, as Little Dazzler uses her abilities. She screams, believing it to be a bad dream, until she realises she is phasing through everyone else’s cabins as the train travels forwards. She falling out the back as the train hurtles off into the night, shooting over the side of a low bridge and falling into the river beneath. As Little Storm and Little Rogue recover her from the water, they explain their predicament, having lost Ricochet Rita. She decides to call Excalibur for help, and they trek across the highlands to the nearest Police Station, where she uses the phone. However, the lines are down, and so the policeman asks one of the X-Babies, Little Psylocke, to sign the files. Upon signing, she becomes smoke, and the policeman is revealed to be the disguised Agent, who absorbs her and gains Little Psylocke’s power. Little Rogue tries to use her powers, but they don’t work, and The Agent tries to use his telepathy to make Little Rogue sign. Kitty grabs her at the last moment, and the X-Babies and her escape into the night, stealing one of the Police cars outside. In the early morning, they come across a van on the road, and they persuade the occupants to switch vehicles. The occupants are all famous comic writers, including Chris Claremont, who the other writers blame for the X-Babies stealing their van. Down the road, they stop at a service station for food, and a lady approaches Little Havok, asking for his autograph. He signs, and instantly the woman becomes The Agent, and Kitty and the X-Babies are already fleeing down the motorway while he absorbs Little Havok. Kitty warns none of the X-Babies to sign anything.

Having run out of fuel in Manchester, Kitty gets the X-Babies on a bus. While on the bus, a mysterious passenger persuades Little Rogue and Little Dazzler to sign a document making their true love fall madly in love with them, despite Little Longshot’s warning. The Agent absorbs Little Rogue and Little Dazzler, and tries to absorb Little Longshot as part of the contract, but Little Colossus holds them off while Kitty and the remaining X-Babies make their escape. Having slipped on a train, Kitty and co. find themselves at Euston Station in London. Kitty dashes into the lost and found, rummaging through it for her things, as the hulking presence of Amanda Wall makes itself known. She makes Kitty sign a document for her items, but Little Wolverine slashes her backside just before she can do so, revealing it was The Agent all along. Little Wolverine holds off The Agent while the rest escape. Little Storm carries them into the sky, where Little Longshot causes a stack of papers to block The Agent’s view, so they can flee.

At St Paul’s Cathedral in London, Judith Rassendyll, Queen of Ruritania, is getting married. As the priest asks if there are any objections, Kitty phases through the floor with a giant sign asking for Excalibur’s help. The priest’s disguise falls away, and The Agent blows sneezing powder at Kitty. She sneezes and discorporates, while the Prince Judith was marrying collapses. Judith distracts The Agent as Little Storm and Little Longshot engage, while Kitty rematerializes, just in time to catch Storm as The Agent accidentally knocks her out in mid air. W.H.O agents, led by Brigadier Stuart, rush in, but The Agent uses Dazzler’s abilities to stun them all. Excalibur, however, are not so easily stopped. As they attack, Little Longshot cuts The Agent’s contract pouch open, and Little Storm blows the contracts into Kitty’s hands. She phases the ink through the paper, voiding the contracts, releasing the X-Babies and removing their powers from The Agent. As one, Excalibur and the X-Babies knock out The Agent. Outside, Judith is evacuated, and she reminisces about her previous time being rescued by Nightcrawler as she spots him. Phoenix, with a little persuasion from Kitty, reaches into The Agent’s mind, to discover Mojo’s plans for the X-Babies, but it triggers The Agent to change, revealing it to be Ricochet Rita, warped by Mojo to do his work. He projects his face over hers, and smugly declares that Rita is still under contract. In response, Little Storm says that the X-Babies want to make a deal. In return to them agreeing to come back, Mojo will destroy Rita’s contract. He does so, and they step through the portal one by one. As it shuts, Rita dives after them, as she’s grown so fond of them.

In the Mojoverse, Mojo’s initial joy has turned to despair. With the X-Babies not having signed a contract, coming of their own free will, they start demanding better working conditions and perks, that he has no choice but to accept…

Solicit Synopsis

A British Royal is getting married! Excalibur are among the guests! Wait'll you see who crashes the bash! We'll give you a hint: Mojo and the X-Babies!



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