Quote1.png Sometimes, kiddo, the choices aren't clear-cut, or easy. And the victories aren't absolute. Sometimes, you have to settle for a draw. Quote2.png
-- Rachel Summers to Kitty Pryde

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Moira MacTaggert (Earth-597) and her bodyguard Callisto decide to escape into the Earth-616 dimension

In the Tower of London, Captain Britain of Excalibur fights his evil doppelgänger Hauptmann Englande of Lightning Force, Excalibur's Earth-597 counterpart. Hauptmann Englande knocks him around and defeats him, while Captain Britain is hampered by his suit which is far too small and not very tearproof. In addition, he is still weak from his visit in America where he temporarily lost most of his superhuman powers. The other Lightning Force members are watching the battle and cheering in triumph.

Hauptmann Englande vs. Captain Britain

In the meantime, Reichsministerin Moira MacTaggert from the Earth-597 dimension and her bodyguard Callisto take Alysande Stuart hostage and force her to accompany them to an Aircraft. They plan to leave London, ignoring the fact that they cannot return to their dimension if they do. During some confusion caused by the fighting Brian Braddocks, Alysande Stuart manages to escape into the dense fog. Callisto follows her and captures her, using her as a human shield against the W.H.O. soldiers. Suddenly, the reptilian tourist family enters the Tower courtyard and interrupts the firefight.

Kitty Pryde closes the Widget gate by phasing through it

Captain Britain and Hauptmann Englande continue their fight. Brian throws Englande into a Tower wall which breaks. The debris falls down to the ground, threatening Calvin, one of the tourist's children. In the nick of time, Captain Britain saves the boy but this allows Shadowcat (Earth-597) to phase through him, thus disrupting his life energy - a special ability she doesn't share with her Earth-616 counterpart. Nightcrawler (Earth-597) catches the unconscious Captain Britain and teleports him several times, exhausting him even more. Then Hauptmann Englande picks him up to administer the Coup de Grace. Suddenly, Brian breaks free and punches Hauptmann Englande. Nightcrawler (Earth-597) is confused because he thought Brian Braddock was completely helpless and unconscious. He then must realize that Excalibur outsmarted them - Meggan (Earth-597) changes into Excalibur's Meggan, knocking him out. She then captures Minister Moira MacTaggert, disarms her and defeats her bodyguard Callisto. Shadowcat (Earth-597) tries to touch her in order to drain her life energy, but Rachel Summers appears behind her and catches her in a psi force field while asking herself why there wasn't a Rachel Summers Earth-597 counterpart.

Kitty is shocked when she meets her tormented Earth-597 counterpart

Kitty Pryde awakes and finds herself lying on the floor. Alistaire Stuart is sitting besides her and she immediately falls in love with him. He is worried about her state because he can't feel her pulse and she explains that she is phased. While they are talking, Widget appears and opens a portal besides them. Alistaire, an enthusiastic scientist, is immediately appealed by the portal and tries to step into the other dimension.

Courtney Ross (alias Saturnyne) announces her ambitions towards Rachel Summers

One of the other dimension's inhabitants, a woman talking in a strange tongue, greets him and tries to pull him through. Kitty touches him, rendering him into a phasing state and freeing him from the grabbing hands. When the other dimension's woman becomes angry, Kitty phases through the portal, disrupting its energy and closing it.

In the great hall of the Tower, Excalibur, Lightning Force and the police are discussing what to do with the Earth-597 visitors. Kitty is deeply moved by her counterpart's fate because Lightning Force uses the Jewish mutant as a slave and tool for doing their dirty work. When Moira MacTaggerts gives a racist explanation, Kitty becomes angry and leaves the hall with Rachel who tries to calm her. When Alistaire Stuart meets Phoenix, he is strongly attracted to her. Nightcrawler joins Kitty and Rachel on the Tower's roof and tells them that they decided on a consensus about what to do with the Lightning Force members. They will try to swap the trains back into their respective dimensions, returning the original Moira MacTaggert and Callisto to Earth-616.

While Phoenix and Kitty are flying home, Opal Luna Saturnyne, disguised as Courtney Ross (she killed and replaced her in Excalibur Vol 1 5), watches them from her office window. She reveals her plans to get hold of Kitty and Phoenix and to make use of their power and potential.



  • "Hauptmann Englande" is the slightly incorrect German translation of "Captain Britain"; the correct spelling would be "Hauptmann England".

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