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Quote1.png Most call me "Your Royal Highness" -- William, heir to the throne -- But my chums call me... "Billy the Kid". Quote2.png
Prince William

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Synopsis for "My Friends Call Me "Billy the Kid!""

A young prince in knight's armor rides through a forest, listening to music from a portable device - Prince William, heir to the throne of Britain's Earth-1193 dimension. He is currently searching for adventure and challenges in order to become a true knight. Suddenly, the Lightning Force Reichrail Train appears out of nowhere and crashes into the dense woods, right before his eyes. Prince William discovers Shadowcat who was catapulted out of the train. She is lying unconscious below a tree, guarded by Lockheed. William mistakes Lockheed for a dangerous dragon threatening the unknown girl, and attacks him, but Lockheed defends himself with his fire breath.

In the meantime, the other Excalibur members and Alistaire Stuart (who was trapped with them in the train when it was transported into another dimension), leave the train. They are shaken by the impact of the rough landing. Only Rachel Summer's PSI-powers prevented them from being shattered all over the landscape.

In Brighton, England of the Earth-616 dimension, Nigel Frobisher is walking through the rain. He then discovers a mysterious hole in the clouds where the sun hits the ground on a particular spot. He steps into the sunny area and is attacked by Bodybag. Before Bodybag can swallow him, he defends himself with his umbrella and runs away, right into Joyboy. Joyboy's ability is to change a person into what he/she most desires. In Nigel's case, it's to be as strong and powerful as his boss Courtney Ross, so Joyboy changes him into a muscular and twisted image of Courtney Ross. China Doll then grabs Frobisher and shrinks him. Finally, Waxworks completes the task by knotting Frobisher's arms and legs. They then bring the helpless man before Gatecrasher who is currently negotiating with the local town council about a weather manipulation arrangement in order to attract more tourists.

In the alternate version of Britain, Lockheed knocked Prince William out and Excalibur takes the unconscious Prince into their train. When he awakes, he finds himself surrounded by foreign people and the dragon who is sitting on his bed. William demands his sword to "slain the beast", but then he recognizes Captain Britain, kneels before him and calls him "Captain Marshall, Lord Champion of the realm". Captain Britain explains that he isn't Captain Marshall and introduces his companions to the prince. William tells them that he was sent on a quest to prove himself worthy of rank and title. He then asks Nightcrawler about Kitty and if she is already committed. Meggan appears, dancing around with the Faery Folk who welcomes her home as their lost princess.

Later, Rachel, Kitty and Alistaire are back in the train, examining Widget. They already found out that Widget was responsible for the dimensional transport but they still don't know how to activate him or how to return home. Kitty still admires Alistaire, while he only has eyes for Rachel Summers. Suddenly, the train seems to be trapped in a kind of hurricane and a giant Shaitan, an ancient dragon-like beast, rips the train with its tentacles and grabs Kitty and Alistaire. Phoenix tries to stop him with her powers, but Shaitain is unimpressed. Kitty discovers that she cannot phase herself out of his grip, but she tries to phase Alistaire free. This works and he falls down, caught by Phoenix. The Shaitain disappears with Kitty.

Kitty is taken to a castle owned by an Ogre. He already captured Princess Katherine who is held prisoner in a kind of jar. Shaitan drops Kitty into a similar glass and closes it. Then, the Ogre appears, telling her that she is now his captive. Kitty threatens him and tells him that she has very powerful friends, but he only laughs. The Princess seems to be confused and repeatedly states that she was meant to be rescued by a prince, not a foreign girl. Suddenly, the castle's walls are breached and Captain Britain challenges the Ogre. The Ogre laughs and punches him out of the castle. Then Rachel Summers enters the room, throwing the Ogre into the far woods. When she tries to rescue the trapped girls, she is caught by some green tentacles which drag her into a brown sea down in the castle. There Rachel is transformed into a kind of demon.

Meanwhile, Captain Britain and the Ogre continue their fight in the woods. Back at the castle, Nightcrawler teleports the prince into the main hall where William draws his sword and rescues the two girls while Kurt suffers from the teleport side effects. His teleport abilities are still limited since he fell into the coma during the Mutant Massacre. William frees the girls, but to Princess Catherine's surprise and disappointment, he only seems to be interested in Kitty. Rachel overcomes her demonic state and returns back to normal while Captain Britain returns, carrying the defeated Ogre. When he throws the Ogre to the castle hall's floor, the entire castle collapses.

Outside the ruins, Meggan reproves Nightcrawler for teleporting inside the castle. He answers that he had to prove that he was still able to carry his own weight. They start flirting while Captain Britain jealously watches them. When Princess Katherine kisses Prince William to express her gratefulness, he rejects her and tells her that his heart is already committed. Then, he asks Kitty Pryde to marry him.


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