Quote1.png Just like a classic fairy tale. We're all gifted with powers... for which we each pay a price. Quote2.png
-- Kitty Pryde

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Synopsis for "The Marriage of True Minds"

Still trapped in the alternate Earth-1193 dimension, Excalibur lodges at the royal castle of the ruling Queen of the realm. Captain Britain presents his new costume to his teammates, while the tailor who created it explains how the suit absorbs and stores the native magic powers of Britain. Excalibur suddenly understands why Brian Braddock lost his powers in New York and learns that his superhuman powers are connected to the British Isles. They also learn that the same is true for Meggan (Earth-616). While the others discuss Captain Britain's powers, Kitty Pryde sneaks to the balcony where she watches Alistaire Stuart taking pictures of the landscape. She surprises him and then they talk about this dimension's version of London. They are interrupted by Rachel Summers, who uses her Phoenix powers to lift the wrecked train and carry it to the castle. Alistaire is highly impressed.

Then the Queen Mother enters the room, accompanied by the Queen Consort. She thanks Captain Britain for aiding Prince William in his latest quest and asks him about his costume. Brian realizes that the Queen strongly resembles Saturnyne. The Queen then welcomes Kitty Pryde. Prince William proposed marriage to her ,and so the Queen orders that Kitty receives a more decent outfit. Kitty argues that she didn't take the proposal serious but is shocked to learn that "no" is not an option and will not be accepted. She then explains that she is American and that Americans fought for their freedom to get rid of queens and kings a long time ago, but the royal family is not impressed because in this dimension, America is still inhabited by savages. They abduct Kitty to teach her better manners. The other Excalibur members, together with an enraged Lockheed, start searching the castle. They bump into some gigantic and quite bizarre palace guards who threaten them with morning stars.

Meanwhile, in Earth-616's version of Great Britain, Nigel Frobisher is still captured by Technet. Technet just made an agreement with the local town council of Brighton about weather control, in exchange for using the Brighton Pier as their new headquarters. Once the politicians left, Technet interrogates Nigel Frobisher, who is still changed into a bizarre image of Courtney Ross. He argues with the aliens and they eventually change him back into his original shape. He then explains why he was trying to contact them and that he has a job proposal for Technet's bounty hunters. Courtney Ross asks them to free Jamie Braddock, Brian Braddock's brother, who is currently under death sentence in Africa by Doctor Crocodile. Technet agrees because of the generous terms and conditions of the job proposal.

In the royal castle, Kitty Pryde is trapped in a kind of machine which scans Kitty's powers. The Queen and her companions decide that she is connected to arcane black magic, and that her independent spirit has to be tamed before she can be given to Prince William. They reshape Kitty with cosmetic spells and a more decent behavior. Kitty tries to resist and telepathically calls for help. Excalibur hurries to her rescue, knocking down the palace guards. When they find Kitty, she is dressed in a royal gown. Her behavior is very strange; she is obedient, dutiful and devoted and tells her friends that there is no reason to be worried about her - everything is fine, she is happy and a true princess now. Rachel shouts at the Queen for putting Kitty under a kind of spell.

Outside the castle, Ogres and dwarves repair the wrecked Lighting Force train while Lockheed talks to his enslaved Lockheed (Earth-597) counterpart who is powering the train's engines. Inside the train, Nightcrawler, Alistaire, Meggan, Rachel and Brian Braddock discuss how to break Kitty's spell and how to leave this reality. Kitty and Prince William take a walk in the castle's park where William complains that Kitty has been changed into an ordinary person without any personality and individuality left. Suddenly, they are surprised by trolls. William tries to protect Kitty with his sword but then they are subdued by the trolls who carry the prince away. Excalibur frees Kitty. This experience releases her from the mind spell. She follows the prince and frees him from his captors, scaring the trolls away. Prince William is happy about the fact that Kitty changed back into the person she was when they first met, but then the spell is reactivated and she becomes the obedient princess again.

Next night, Kitty is lying in her bad in the castle when strange black demons appear over her bed, grabbing her with their tentacles. They bear some resemblance with the Shaitan they encountered before. Kitty tries to free herself, calling for help, but even Rachel cannot help her with her PSI powers. Then, the door opens and the Queen Consort enters the room. Kitty throws her to the floor in order to protect her from the demons. The Queen Consort realizes that the spell over Kitty was broken and reactivates it. Kitty tries to stop her, because she knows that she doesn't stand a chance against the demons when she is under the spell, but the woman reminds her of her duties and loyalties.

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler and Meggan locate the source of the mysterious demon attack: Princess Katherine, who was rejected by Prince William, summoned them. Meggan and Nightcrawler subdue her and take her to the castle. Kitty protects herself from the spell by phasing and is now covered by Brian and Rachel. Then, Nightcrawler enters the hall with Princess Katherine and explains that she is responsible for the demonic attack. The Queen immediately sentences her to death, but Kate starts crying and admits that she is in love with Prince William and wanted him to rescue her in the first place. She hopes that the Queen kills her, because her life will be worthless and joyless when he marries Kitty. Prince William than explains to his mother that he was confused when he made his proposal to Kitty Pryde and asks her for her blessings to marry Princess Katherine. The Queen grants her permission, her thoughts revealing that she knew about the princess all the time and that it was her plan from the beginning to send William to her rescue. She was fully aware of the fact that the princess is a mighty sorceress.


  • First appearance of the Captain Marshall costume that Captain Britain would wear until his disappearance in the time stream later in the series.
  • First mentioning of Captain Britain's powers being connected to England.


"Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments." is the opening sentence of Shakepeare's famous Sonnet 116, often quoted at weddings.

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