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Quote1.png Could I interest you, Sir, in dominion over half the world? Quote2.png
Nigel Frobisher

Appearing in "Technet: Impossible Missions!"

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Synopsis for "Technet: Impossible Missions!"

In Technet’s Headquarters on Brighton Pier, Nigel Frobisher arrives to give Technet the mission of rescuing James Braddock, Captain Britain’s Brother, from Doc Croc. They teleport away on their mission, leaving Frobisher behind. In Mbangawi, Africa, Technet arrive at Doc Croc’s fortress. After Gatecrasher distracts them, the Technet teleport in and fight the guards, while Scatterbrain, Joyboy and Gatecrasher then enter the fortress itself. They find Jamie Braddock being tortured by Doc Croc, who releases a strange gas over Gatecrasher that causes her to pass out. The effect of the gas causes Gatecrasher to hallucinate, seeing James Braddock for his true nature, a poacher and slaver. However, she recovers, and taking Doc Croc hostage, Technet return to Brighton, and Jamie Braddock, still in a trance, tries to leave the pier. As Bodybag tries to stop him, he pulls one of Bodybag’s strings, through which he sees the world, incapacitating Bodybag. He takes down all of Technet one by one, revealing that the torture that Doc Croc put him under, to try and convert him to good, has left him perceiving the whole of reality as a dream. Jamie is then picked up by Nigel Frobisher, having altered the Technet’s memories into believing the whole adventure was a success.

Throughout Technet’s adventure, Excalibur find themselves in a variety of different versions of Earth. In one, they are riding a stage coach, being pursued across the dusty plains by a group of British natives on horseback, having rescued Alistaire Stuart, who is tied to a totem pole. They have entered a world where America is the ancient seat of civilisation, and Europe is the Wild West. They get back to the train, and pour out of the stagecoach in an array of costumes, from Nightcrawler as a waitress to Captain Britain as a cowboy, just as the native British arrive. In the nick of time, Lockheed produces a wall of flame, allowing the Phoenix and Widget to send the train on across time once more. In another Earth, Excalibur find themselves in a world out of a horror film, as they rescue Alistaire and Phoenix from Alistaire’s counterpart, and get Captain Britain transformed back to normal from being a duck. Later, Excalibur’s train lands in a field, and they ask questions of police officers until they are certain that they are home. However, Meggan inadvertently shapeshifts into wearing a copy of Phoenix’s outfit, while Phoenix wears a copy of Meggan’s. Phoenix’s powers flare in alarm, accidentally triggering Widget, who takes the train back into the time stream, leaving two confused police officers behind.


  • Part 4 of 9 of the Cross-Time Carper event.
  • An alternate reality is shown where the world is a nuclear wasteland. In this reality, New York City was the victim of a nuclear attack launched by Doctor Doom resulting in the deaths of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. The Captain Britain Corps representative of this reality is an alternate counterpart of Meggan instead of Brian Braddock.
  • Kitty Pryde dresses as buffalo, a leather clad vampire queen and Carmen Miranda.
  • Nightcrawler appears in full saloon hostess drag, and it's mentioned that he and Captain Britain danced together.

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