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A storyteller in a cantina begins her epic tale, where in orbit, an Imperial Cruiser is boarded by Space Pirates. They easily storm the bridge, and are about to capture the Princess Anjulie when there is a flash of light, and Nightcrawler lands on top of their leader, having fallen from a broken window of Excalibur’s train. Grabbing a sword, he knocks out all the pirates, and having beaten their leader, is knocked out himself by the Princess, who is more than she seems.

Phoenix and Shadowcat find themselves separated from Excalibur, hanging upside down in a smokehouse, without their powers. Shadowcat’s boots are loose, and so with some effort, she falls to the floor, and battles the cook who plans to stew them, ending up throwing him through a wall. As Phoenix herself gets free, they are surrounded by guards, who bear a strong resemblance to Lockheed. However, they are congratulated for defeating the cook, who wasn’t that popular, and so they are inducted into the guards themselves.

Nightcrawler awakes in a pool within the royal palace, unaware that the Princess knocked him out. She seduces him in the pool, and afterwards, they retire to the Princess’s bedroom, where they are served wine. The servant spills a drop on the princess, and Nightcrawler becomes slightly suspicious of the Princess as the servant quakes with fear at the spilling of the smallest drop on the Princess. It is quickly forgotten as the Princess and Nightcrawler are lost in each other’s arms…

Alistaire Stuart finds himself being chased through ruins, but just as the mercenaries, who reveal they are working for the Princess, capture him, he is rescued by Shadowcat, Phoenix and one of the guards. They are chased around a corner, where they are captured by a green tentacle creature that pulls them up into a hovering ship.

Back in the palace, Nightcrawler awakes to see the Princess leaving the bedroom with a mysterious cloaked figure. His curiosity piqued, he follows them into the dungeons, where one of the prisoners puts him in a choke hold. He throws them off, to find it is the pirates’ leader from earlier. She reveals herself to be called Kymri, the true Princess of the Planet, who has been overthrown by Anjulie, who seduced her father and then drained the planet of its life force. She herself is being held as a sacrifice. He releases her from the cell, and they fight their way into the cave where her crew are being held, to find they have been eaten, and nothing but skeletons remain. They find Anjulie feeding Excalibur to the Green creature. They leap into action, Nightcrawler saving Excalbur while Kymri battles Anjulie and the cloaked figure, who she kills, before she finds it was her father, under a spell Anjulie had put on him. Anjulie goes in for the kill, but Shadowcat phases her through the platform, and she falls away towards oblivion. However, the creature, desiring life energy, grabs the Phoenix, to drain her of the immense life energy the Phoenix possesses. As the creature tries to digest Racheal, it inadvertently releases the full power of the Phoenix, destroying it and allowing Excalibur to use their powers once more and survive.


  • The cover was inspired by a cover to the book, The Warlord of Mars, by Edgar Rice Burrough's. This shows the character John Carter in the same pose as Nightcrawler. See John Carter of Mars
  • Part 5 of 9 of the event.

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