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Synopsis for "Wild Wild Wheels"

In the void between worlds, Excalibur’s journey is violently disrupted. Again, Meggan and Rachel’s appearances have switched, and in fear Rachel lets out a psionic burst, knocking the train out of transit. As they crash land, Rachel staggers out of the train, and into a road, where a group of racing cars rapidly approach. He teleports to her, but doesn’t have the strength to jump them out of the road. In the nick of time, Lockheed flings them out of danger.

Meanwhile, Meggan has disappeared, but Kitty locates her on TV, in a worldwide Grand Prix, with this reality’s version of Jamie Braddock, who is the number one racing driver. However, she seems to be in some kind of trance. Rachel, meanwhile, is unconscious in the train. As Kitty takes a walk outside, she realizes that Captain Britain is also missing. As she walks across the road, she finds a car buried in the embankment. Before she can look any further, Widget consumes it, and reproduces it in full working order for her. Nightcrawler tries to persuade her to stay and look after Rachel, as she is a younger member of the team, but Widget refuses to go without her, so he relents. As she begins her pursuit of Jamie Braddock and Meggan, she finds Captain Britain walking slowly along the road. He reveals that he tried to rescue Meggan, but Jamie Braddock used his abilities to remove Brian’s powers, which are only slowly returning. As they set off, they are pulled over by two police officers, who call themselves ‘The Dirty Angels’, for multiple race violations. But they soon recognize Brian Braddock, mistaking him for this world’s version, who died in a car crash of the very car that Kitty is now driving. They tell them about Meggan’s kidnapping, and The Dirty Angels speed off to arrest Jamie Braddock, for Meggan’s kidnapping and the murder of this reality’s Brian Braddock. Meanwhile, Jamie Braddock pulls into a hotel, where he learns of the news that Brian is entering the race. This shocks him, as he thought he had killed them, and causes Meggan to briefly snap out of her trance.

Back at the train, while Alistaire and Nightcrawler fix the train, Phoenix staggers out of bed, and finds that she is changing shape in sync with Meggan, which at the hotel, Jamie Braddock sees through his string view of the world. He sees that Meggan and Rachel’s strings are overlapping, and as he pulls Rachel’s, she is pulled from the train to the hotel. However, The Dirty Angels smash their car through the wall, and Rachel ends up back in the train. As Kitty and Brian approach the hotel, they begin to realize that their bodies are changing, becoming more like the inhabitants of this world (who are drawn in a Manga style). As they stop to help at the hotel, ‘The Pitte Stop’, that The Dirty Angels have accidentally destroyed with an anti-matter cannon, Jamie causes Meggan to attack Brian, while he tries to take control of Kitty. Fortunately, her phasing powers keep him from grabbing her strings. However, Jamie then turns on Lockheed, distracting Kitty enough so that he can then control her. Meanwhile, Brian continues attacking, until he finally realizes it is Meggan, and turns on Jamie. Jamie in turn buries them all under a pile of rubble from the hotel, and kidnaps Widget and Lockheed. He leaves, and as Brian digs himself out from the rubble, he swears vengeance on Jamie.



  • The characters Rico and Kay are most likely a homage to Dirty Pair, a popular Japanese comic whose main characters (Yuri und Kei) look a lot like the two characters appearing in this ish.

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