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  • Jamie Braddock's townhouse, London



Synopsis for "Madripoor Knights"

As Jamie Braddock stalks along an alleyway, hunting for Shadowcat, Captain Britain grabs him, to take his revenge, causing Jamie to lose his grip on Widget. However, after a few moments, Jamie gains the upper hand, and a flick of his fingers sends Captain Britain shooting through a series of walls. As he begins to play with the strings that make up Captain Britain, Shadowcat stalks the roofs, where Widget opens a portal in an effort to protect her. She spies Captain Britain and Jamie, and shouts at him to stop, but he sends Lockheed, now under his control. She dives through the portal, just as Lockheed’s bolt of flame destroys the rooftop.

Back at the train, Nightcrawler and Alistaire Stuart are still trying to fix the train. The Dirty Angels, pursued by an angry mob from the Pitte Stoppe Hotel, beg them to let them take shelter in the train, which they allow. Alistaire sends the mob off on a wild goose chase, while Nightcrawler tries to get some explanations. Inside, Rachel wakes up, recovered from her attack by Jamie, and starts to see through someone else’s eyes. She soon realizes it’s Meggan, and contacts her with her psi powers. Despite her protestations, Phoenix takes control of Meggan’s body, using her powers to transform her into Wolverine so she can track down Jamie. Meanwhile, Shadowcat wakes up in a strange house. She travels down to the kitchen, where she meets the housekeeper, Emma, who tends to her, before revealing that this is the Braddock’s London Townhouse, which is being used by Jamie.

As Wolverine, Meggan, being controlled by Phoenix, tracks down Jamie. As a car takes down the building she is standing on, Meggan is transformed into Longshot, where she uses his blades to take out the car, which transforms after crashing to reveal it is Captain Britain under Jamie’s control. Realizing who it is, Meggan takes back control, but the mind controlled Captain uses the opportunity to attack. Phoenix transforms her again, into Dazzler, to stun the Captain, just as Jamie arrives, and begins his own attack.

Reading papers provided by Emma, Kitty realizes that the Earth she has arrived on is her own earth. Borrowing some of Elizabeth Braddock’s (Psylocke) clothes, she prepares to go back to Widget and bring the rest of Excalibur home. However, before she leaves, she hears Dazzler’s laser in an upstairs room. Emma tells her not to enter, it being Jamie’s room, but her hope that the X-men are still alive cause her to ignore it and phase in.

Back on the alternate earth, Meggan as Dazzler’s beams stop working, and she can no longer hear or speak. Jamie, through use of a cue card, tells her that he has removed the air between them to prevent sound being conducted, so Dazzler’s powers, that transform sound to light, fail. To combat this, Phoenix causes Meggan to become Havok, whose plasma beam passes straight through Jamie. On Earth, Kitty sees the hole open up in the Jamie Braddock of this reality, realizing that they are linked in some way. The next beam Meggan passes through Jamie, who uses it to destroy this world’s moon, the hole in his chest being ineffective at stopping him. Becoming Storm, she hits Jamie with lightning, then quickly becomes Cyclops to knock him from his perch, and for a final strike, uses Rogue’s powers to take Jamie’s. However, he is unaffected, and begins to absorb both Meggan and Phoenix’s instead. Before he can do so, Nightcrawler, Alistaire and the Dirty Angels fly in on Excalibur’s train, landing it on top of him, Meggan getting away in the nick of time. However, he soon gets up again.

Back on Earth, Kitty, relying on the fact that earth’s Jamie has reverted to being a child, gets him to go to bed, causing the other reality to fade away. She passes through Widget’s portal to get her back to the team, but finds herself only on the other side of the wall. She is stuck on Earth, and retreats to Brian Braddock’s house, where Courtney Ross watches intently.


  • Part of the Cross-Time Caper.

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