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  • Cherilyn
  • Sonny
  • British Army (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only)
  • Thor (Mentioned)

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Synopsis for "The Eye of the Beholder"

On Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland, two tourists taking photos of the castle are disturbed by an Earthquake. As they bicker, they begin to glow, becoming enveloped by a yellow substance that cools to form stone, as other stones appear, opening a stone circle that allows the Demon Druid to arrive on Earth.

At Excalibur’s lighthouse, Nightcrawler tries to calm Meggan, who is upset over Captain Britain’s lack of interest in her. She shapeshifts through a variety of guises, and lashes out at Nightcrawler before flying off after Brian, who is currently in London. In London, Brian is seeking solace with Courtney Ross, his ex-girlfriend, over his argument with Meggan. As they enter her house together, Meggan, watching from above, flies off angrily. She soars above Britain, arriving in Edinburgh where she sees the Demon Druid and his stone circle. She turns in a Godzilla like creature, using her love of TV to drive her change. As she tries to stop him, the druid puts her under his control…

Down in the town, Rachel and Kitty are enjoying a night out on the town. Seeing a glow over Arthur’s seat, Phoenix switches them into their uniforms, and lifts them skywards towards it. The Druid senses the Phoenix’s presence, and freezes Meggan in stone as he turns all his attention to it. Trying to save Meggan, Kitty phases the druid, and he cries out in pain as his concentration slips, and he and all the stones disappear, leaving behind Meggan and the tourists.

Later, back at the lighthouse, Meggan apologises to Kurt for her behaviour, while Kitty tries to find out what exactly happened at Arthur’s seat. Brain arrives, and is unusually angry, storming away to his room. When they all wake in the morning, Captain Britain has finished Kitty’s work for her, and they discover that the Druid is now converting the cooling towers at the Darkmoor Nuclear Research Facility into a new stone circle, to get the energy he needs. Brian flies off before any of the team can react, and so while Kitty gathers her and the Captain’s work, they arrange to teleport directly to the facility, with Rachel boosting Nightcrawler’s power. As they arrive, Meggan stays to look after the exhausted Kurt, while Kitty prepares the now upgraded Widget to shunt the druid to a different dimension. Captain Britain suddenly arrives, but the Phoenix takes him out before he can attack the druid, due to the damage he could cause to the facility. Kitty uses Widget to open a portal, and persuade the Demon Druid to depart peacefully for his own world, instead of destroying their’s with the power station to allow him to perform the same task. As he leaves, the team reprimand Captain Britain, whose strange behaviours continue.


  • Takes place at an unknown point prior to Excalibur #11, despite being in the middle of the Cross Time Caper Story Arc.

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