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Flying over London, Crusader X (a version of Captain Britain on another earth) spies military helicopters converging on Euston station. W.H.O. is already on the scene, with Alistaire Stuart as the Brigadier in this reality, and his sister Alysande the scientific advisor. A mysterious train has arrived on the platform, with no passengers and a wrecked interior. On board however, Dai Thomas finds a picture of Nightcrawler, who he knows as one of Prussia’s spies. To protect the Queen’s summit of the World’s powers, Crusader X sets off on the trail.

Meanwhile, back on her Earth, Kitty awakes in Brian Braddock’s London house, in Merlin Mews, to find Courtney Ross serving her breakfast in bed. Courtney Ross comforts her as she weeps over the loss of both the X-men and Excalibur.

Back in the world of Crusader X, in a mansion outside of London, Jean Grey arrives at this reality’s Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. However, as she arrives, she finds Jason Wyndgarde, who has haunted her dreams, with a horse and cart. He has come to take her as the Shadow Queen of the Hellfire Club. She resists, and the Phoenix flares, before reality is restored. She is still confused over which is real and which is a dream. Excalibur, hiding in a warehouse, tend to Rachel, who has being overwhelmed by the psychic cry of her mother. She realises instantly that only Mastermind could be behind Jean’s distress, and the Hellfire Club with him.

At the Hellfire Club, the White Queen, Emma Frost, has just died, burnt out through trying to conquer Jean’s mind. The Shadow King orders Mastermind to torture himself for a minute, not only for losing him his White Queen, but for failing to convert Jean to their cause. As he turns his own powers on himself, Tony Stark enters to discuss their plot. In return for using their combined resources to enlist Jean Grey in the Hellfire Club, Tony Stark will gain access to the World Powers summit and kill the world leaders, as the America of this World is still part of the British Empire.

On Excalibur’s Earth, Vixen, London’s crime boss, meets with Nigel Frobisher in Hyde Park. Jamie Braddock arrives, and sensing a trap, Vixen orders her henchmen to open fire on Nigel. However, Jamie bends reality once again, so Nigel is unharmed by the bullets. He freezes Vixen’s henchmen, and turns her into her namesake, to be his pet. Nigel shouts at him, as they need Vixen alive to take over her gang. In response, Jamie turns Nigel into Vixen, and once he has the gang under their control, he changes him back.

Back in the other dimension, Jean watches the X-men of this reality in the grounds of the Mansion. As she walks inside, she feels a pressure on her mind. As she enters to meet Xavier and MacTaggert, she sees them dead, apparently slain by her own hand. Mastermind’s work is done, and she is converted into the Shadow Queen.

On a rooftop in central London, Nightcrawler tries to comfort Rachel, who can sense what is being done to Jean. Suddenly, Crusader X bursts onto the scene. Before he can grab Nightcrawler, Rachel holds her in place with her powers.

Outside London, Jean Grey flees on horseback, pursued by a monstrous image of the Shadow King. She still can’t accept the role of the Shadow Queen, but as she tries to escape, the Shadow King catches her, causing Rachel on the roof top to lose concentration. As she flies off to help her mother, Crusader X swings into action. They duel on the rooftop until Crusader X finally captures him. He puts Nightcrawler under arrest for spying against the Empire, and flies off into the night. On the rooftop, Meggan, Alistaire and Captain Britain arrive to find the aftermath of the fight, and the disappearance of Nightcrawler and Rachel. Meggan senses Nightcrawler’s scent, and Excalibur set off in pursuit.

In a lane outside London, Rachel finds a mortally wounded Jean Grey. She tries to use the Phoenix to save her, but as the Shadow Queen starts to emerge, she stops supporting her, and with Jean dead, she swears a reckoning on the Hellfire Club.


Alistaire Stuart, the scientific advisor in Excalibur's reality, has a counterpart who is the Brigadier, and head of W.H.O. in this reality. This is related to the inspiration behind his character, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, head of U.N.I.T in Doctor Who.

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