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In a room deep within the Tower of London, Nightcrawler is interrogated for his counterpart’s espionage crimes. Despite his protestations of innocence, he cannot convince them that he is not this reality’s Nightcrawler, though Alysdane, W.H.O.’s scientific advisor, is open to the idea. It is met with incredulity by all else in the room. She tries to persuade them to stop, as Excalibur’s train is clearly not of their world. With Nightcrawler proving resistant to their interrogation, Dai wants to get Professor Xavier in, but he is informed that all the telepaths are unconscious, and Jean Grey is missing.

Crusader X converges on the mansion, along with Archangel. He finds all the mutants at the Mansion, psychic or not, have been injured to varying degrees, up to Lady Moira MacTaggert and Lord Charles Xavier, who are catatonic from the psychic blast. With Jean Grey, mutant liaison for the Summit missing, Crusader X goes to track her down.

At Merlin Mews in the same reality, Courtney Ross is accosted by a gang on her way to work, for being Crusader X’s girlfriend. As they begin to attack her, they find themselves being burnt, as Lockheed swoops in. He is quickly followed by the rest of Excalibur, who succeed in scaring them off. It becomes quickly apparent that they think she is Kitty, and are surprised when she tells them she is Courtney Ross.

In the Hellfire Club, Rachel arrives to take Jean Grey’s place at the Hellfire Club. Iron Man and the Shadow King are pleased, believing Jean herself has arrived and the plan is proceeding normally. Iron Man suits up, to go to the conference where he plans to assassinate all the Monarchs of the World’s Great powers.

In the Tower, Alysande comes to talk to Nightcrawler about his reality. As she comes close to him, he teleports them out onto the roof, with Alysande revealing that W.H.O. were unaware of Nightcrawler, and by extension, his counterpart’s, ability. Below, Captain Britain smashes through the wall, on a mission to rescue Nightcrawler. On the wall above, Nightcrawler grabs Alysande as the wall collapses, and leaps through the debris before depositing her safely on the ground. Suddenly, Crusader X flies backwards overhead, the force of Captain Britain knocking him skyward. They are evenly matched in their fight and it goes on and on and on. In Hampton Court, sight of the summit, Rachel knocks out the guards, and Iron Man bursts into the conference room. Surprised, he finds the Phoenix, who has already alerted the authorities and moved the conference elsewhere. He fires upon her, realising he has been betrayed. She starts to manipulate Tony psychically, but he switches his suit into automatic mode. She reaches out to Meggan, who comes to her aid, just as the Iron Man Suit knocks her out. Meanwhile, Lockheed manages to draw the Captain and Crusader’s attentions to Iron Man, and they burst in to fight him. They take him down effortlessly, but as they track his movements back to the Hellfire Club, they find it empty, all the members gone…

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