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In one of the many alternate earths, Illyana Rasputin and that particular reality’s Kitty Pryde, who takes the name Kit, watch Excalibur as they traverse the space between worlds. As they talk, a henchman bursts in, warning of a raid by Justicers. Magik conjours an image of Kitty, and sends it into the time stream.

In the time stream itself, Alistaire Stuart tinkers with Widget, trying to find out what makes him work. Angry at the loss of Kitty, Widget stuns him before Phoenix can stop him. She shouts at him in anger, before an image of Kitty appears between them. As the rest of Excalibur tend to Alistaire, Widget emits a flash of light.

Back on the alternate earth, Kit Pryde and Illyana stand behind their legal representative as he talks down the Justicer in charge of the raid, Justicer Bull. As the two trade arguments, there is a flash, and Excalibur’s train crashes through the large glass dome that envelops the room. As the train crashes in, Phoenix is barely able to stop the train before it falls out the other side of the dome. Kit Pryde staggers to the window in shock, before someone pushes her from the building. As Captain Britain stumbles from the train, he dives to her aid, but is fired upon by Justicer Bull, stunning him. Meggan too dives after them, but she blisters and then begins to go up in flame as her affinity to nature causes her to react violently to the pollution that permeates the planet. Kit, the Captain and Meggan tumble down into the depths of the city.

Back in the tower, Nightcrawler climbs to his feet, as one of the Justicers, Cadbury looks down on him. As he sees the Justicer’s face, he sees himself as a standard human. While his counterpart is in shock, he grabs the gun with his tail, dodging his feet and fists until Justicer Bull stuns him. The Justicer gathers her troops, ordering them to seize everyone in the room and search the train. In a sing song voice, Illyana reminds her that her warrant allows her only to take Kit, and seize Nightcrawler as an illegal mutant. Angry, but ultimately knowing she is right, Justicer Bull orders her troops out, taking Nightcrawler as prisoner. Still falling into the underground of the city, Captain Britain is still unable to fly. As he sees the ground coming towards him, he thinks that they are both dead, until he plunges through it. The ground was not the ground at all, but a heavily polluted river. As he drags Kit to the surface, Meggan, still in flames, tumbles in, setting the river and its pollutants alight. The Captain grabs her, and is barely able to fly them to a ledge over the river. He sees Meggan’s face, covered in boils and blisters, caused by the polluted atmosphere.

In the Old Bailey, Nightcrawler is tried. Despite his protestations, he is summarily condemned to be imprisoned, and genetically altered to remove his abilities. As he is thrown into a holding cell, he hears a voice he knows. Meggan’s! He fights off her attackers, and finds Meggan, but not the one he was expecting. This reality’s Meggan cowers as he comforts her, while her former attackers back away.

Under the city, the group are under attack by monstrous, human like creatures, somewhere between human and cockroach. Captain Britain holds them off for as long as he can, before he is overwhelmed. Meggan throws them off him, her body finally adapting to the pollution in the atmosphere. As the creatures flee under the renewed assault, Kit is comforted by Captain Britain, as she slowly slips away. Before she dies, she tells Captain Britain about Illyana, and how she pushed her from the window to take over her gang. But he is incredulous, still believing her to be Kitty of their reality. After Kit has died, he turns to talk to Meggan, but she has disappeared.

In Kit’s tower, Alistaire tends to Rachel, who is suffering from some kind of illness. As he does so, Illyana uses the opportunity to try and threaten him into helping her further her own aims.

Back at the Old Bailey, Nightcrawler, this reality’s Meggan and other prisoners are escorted under armed guard to a prison transporter. As they approach it, he teleports out of his handcuffs, taking out Justicer Cadbury, and taking his gun, which he uses to free the prisoners. He and Meggan take a transporter, but as they take off, a Justicer fires on them. Meggan dives in front of Nightcrawler and she dies, switching back to her standard form as she does. Back in the tower, Alistaire resists Illyana’s powers, but as she tries to get into his mind, Rachel makes a stand. However, in her weakened state, she is no match. As Illyana ties her in shadow, a transporter smashes through the dome, and Nightcrawler dives on Illyana. However, she stops him in mid air, but before she can do more, she sees more Justicers in pursuit. Hiding Alistaire, Nightcrawler and Rachel under shadow, she presents an innocent face to the Justicers. However, Meggan, disguised as Kit, shatters that illusion, as Illyana flings her across the room with her powers. The Justicers open fire, but she becomes the Darkchilde, and so the bolts bounce off harmlessly. Before it can attack, Captain Britain punches it, and as they battle, the Lord High Justicer and the Chief Magistrate, this reality’s version of Brian and Betsy Braddock fly into the building, with Betsy using her powers to restore Rachel to health as the two Brian Braddocks attack. Rachel, with the power of the Phoenix once more, burns away the Darkchilde to reveal a now powerless Illyana. As they celebrate their victory, Justicer Bull attempts to arrest them all for their super human abilities. Alistaire talks her down, as he makes her realise that the definition of a superbeing also sums up the Justicers. She announces that she has paperwork that will last her until the evening, leaving them time to activate Widget and leave once again.


The Justicers in their look and outlook are a clear nod to 2000 AD (comics) creation, Judge Dredd.

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