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Synopsis for "Tempting Fates"

On their train in the space between world’s, Excalibur are surprised as an image Opal-Luna Saturnyne, Omniversal Mastrex appears, reprimanding them for interfering in multiple realities. She announces that they are being brought to the Omniversal hub. Before she signs off, she also tells them that she plans to deal with the Phoenix once and for all, after the failure of Gatecrasher’s Technet which she sent.

Back on their Earth, Courtney Ross walks into Kitty Pryde’s room with a birthday cake, to wish her a happy birthday. Still suffering with the loss of Excalibur, Courtney comforts her with her own experiences of when she was Brian Braddock’s girlfriend, and the times he had already disappeared, and then returned. Reassured, Courtney and Kitty begin to make plans for her birthday.

In the Omniversal hub, Excalibur’s train winks into being. Inside, Nightcrawler tries to find out as much as he can about the Mastrex. Upon finding she isn’t a telepath, an idea springs to mind. To prevent the Mastrex from finding Phoenix, they disguise her in Kitty Pryde’s clothes and a wig. As they leave the train to pass through immigration, Lockheed, overjoyed at seeing what he thinks is Kitty, lands on Rachel’s shoulder, and tugs at her hair. Fortunately, Rachel manages to keep the wig on, and for now, passes as Kitty Pryde.

In London, on Excalibur’s native earth, Courtney Ross takes Rachel to a tailor, where, despite her protestations, she gets her measured for a new dress. Later on, Courtney takes her into a London restaurant, and despite her initial nerves of not suiting high society, she decides to take a risk, and they enter together.

In the Omniversal hub, the inspector grumbles as he goes through his large tome containing all the inhabitants of the Omniverse. He edits Captain Britain and Meggan’s records due to their new costumes, but stops when he investigates Shadowcat. He finds that the variations with the record are not simply due to her aging, as Rachel claims. Luckily, he puts it down to a mistake by the archivist. As the archivist starts a fight with the inspector, Excalibur split up, with Brian going to try and persuade the Mastrex out of capturing Phoenix, and the rest looking for a way home. As Captain Britain tries to see Saturnyne, he is repelled by a number of guards and alternate versions of himself, while elsewhere, Nightcrawler duels with Chevalier Bretagne, another version.

Meanwhile, in London, Courtney asks Kitty where she would go, if she could reach it by dawn. After getting her answer, Courtney charters a private jet, and they fly towards Paris. On landing, they set out to explore, ending up in a Jazz club. Later in the evening, Kitty and her new group of friends board a boat, and dance the night away as Courtney watches on. In the morning, they meet up, and in a new Jaguar that she gives to Kitty, they drive off into the dawn light.

Back in the Omniversal hub, Rachel clutches at her head as the messages of all the telepaths pass through her mind, while Alistaire watches Captain Britain fight on TV. As they watch, Rachel is sealed in a quick setting material by Captain Cymru, to try and stop her phasing. However, not being Kitty, Rachel quickly bursts out, and knocks out Cymru. Nightcrawler and Meggan arrive to see the aftermath. They go to Captain Britain’s aid, taking out his attackers, before Rachel hears Widget cry out in her mind. They rush back to the train, where the Mastrex is just leaving. She has recalibrated Widget to take them home, but she sees through Rachel’s disguise immediately. However, she pretends not to notice, letting them go home. The train arrives in a cave, and after a quick check, they know they are home. But as they look outside, Galactus stares down upon them…



  • Kitty celebrates her 15th birthday in this issue.

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