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Synopsis for "The Night They Tore Down the Gilded Lady"

As evening falls, Captain Britain and Meggan sneak out of Excalibur’s lighthouse for a night out together in London. They soon arrive in London, where, after covering up their superhero attire, they enter a pub, ‘The Gilded Lady’, which is to be demolished the next day to make way for a modern bar. While Meggan marvels at the intricate interior, Brian begins to chat to the Landlord, who clearly doesn’t remember him. They order a Lager for Meggan and a lemonade for Brian, due to him being a recovering alcoholic. However, the other drinkers try to force him to drink a pint, but just before a brawl can break out, Meggan, transformed into Brian’s double, manages to cool tempers, introducing herself as Brian’s Brother. As they drink to The Gilded Lady, a woman introducing herself as Cooter and her cousin Bash arrive with an announcement. They claim to have discovered gold in the north of England, and are selling it cheaply. However, one man sees through their scam. She explains to him that she can amplify people’s greed, so in this case, they see pebbles as gold nuggets. As her power doesn’t work on the unimaginative, she gets Bash to knock him out, and he lands on Brian’s table. As the patrons of the bar start to get rowdy, Cooter manages to make them all collapse. She then turns to Meggan, still disguised as Brian, who also sees the stones as pebbles, as she is too honest for Cooter’s power, and becomes confused. As Brian stroms over to protect her, Bash sends him flying across the room, where the Landlord is completing the sale of the pub. Meggan switches back to her natural form, and shouts at Bash before Cooter hits her. Never having been drunk before, she swings back. As Bash grabs hold of her, she grows to the size of the She-Hulk, and flings him away. Brian takes off his overcoat to reveal his Captain Britain uniform, and begins a battle royale with Bash. The new owner of the pub, the head of a large corporation, shouts at the landlord to do something, but as he no longer owns the pub, the landlord reluctantly calls for backup from a friend. As the fight continues, Cooter realises that she’s made a mistake and has to leave imminently. As the backup arrive, she convinces them that Meggan is a mermaid, the suggestion of which also causes Meggan in her inebriated state to resemble one. As Captain Britain hits Bash again and again, he keeps getting up, and eventually sends the Captain through a wall, landing in front of a group of policemen who were about to break up the brawl. They begin to have second thoughts about that, and decide to stay outside.

Inside, Meggan concentrates, overcoming her inebriation enough to transform into a werewolf, scaring the men off, who trample Captain Britain on their way out. As Cooter sets Bash on Meggan, Captain Britain steps in again. As Meggan goes to hit Cooter, she uses her powers to confuse Meggan into first seeing Brian, then Nightcrawler before her. However, Brian knocks Bash into Cooter, and he angrily swings for Brian, who gets wedged in a wall. Meggan manages to make the final blow that knocks Bash out for good. They grab Cooter and Bash, just managing to escape before the seriously weakened pub collapses. They leave them with the Police, but once they have left, Cooter convinces all present that the rubble of The Gilded Lady is also made of gold, and so Cooter and Bash make their escape.

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