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Synopsis for "Dream a Little Dream"

Excalibur spring into action when a mysterious spaceship hangs over their Lighthouse. Nightcrawler teleports aboard, where he finds a collapsed Alien, who appears as a human with a white horse’s head. As they come too, it recognises him, begging him for help, but Nightcrawler can’t remember their meeting. He soon finds it is Alex Power, who currently takes the form of a Kymellian Horse. Alex tells him that while visiting the Institute of Psychic Research in Britain, to attempt to find a cure for his mother, the whole Power family was captured and knocked out with a sleeping gas. Alex escaped using his cloud form, but passed out once he got back to the ship.

Excalibur soon reaches the facility, and while Rachel, Meggan and Brian enter disguised as medical staff and patient, Nightcrawler and Alex have to sneak in. Alex feels comforted that there are others who understand what it is like to look different, and reveals he too can teleport while in this form, as they teleport through the security. Alex soon finds his family being guarded, and goes to fetch the rest of Excalibur with Nightcrawler. However, they have been discovered, and as they reach them, the staff at the facility reveal their true form, of Demons. As they attempt to fight them off, the sleeping gas floods the room, and they are all captured. They are soon strapped into machines that cause them to have nightmares so that the Demon’s Master can feed off them.

In the nightmare world, they manipulate Rachel into hunting down Excalibur. She captures Captain Britain and has him tried for high treason. Meggan finds herself in a restaurant, where Brian dumps her and then Nightcrawler rejects her as she goes to him for comfort. In a similar vein, Nightcrawler is rejected for not being ‘normal’ by a succession of people, from Meggan to Kitty, before Rachel captures him. Alex himself is directly confronted by the Demon’s Master, who is called Nightmare, and Rachel. As Nightmare tries to absorb Alex, Franklin Richards uses him abilities to separate them, and takes control of Phoenix to end the Nightmares. Afterwards, Excalibur awake in their lighthouse, and Power Pack on their ship. They’ve all had a series of interconnected dreams, but cannot remember the events at the institute at all.


Takes place before Power Pack #60

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