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Synopsis for "Moving Day"

The British Crimelord Vixen has decided to break into the ultra maximum security prison Crossmoor in order to free its most popular convict: The Juggernaut. Her armed troops weld an opening into the prison's roof and enter the complex. Before reaching Marko's cell, they are surrounded by security . Vixen's people turn off the lights and escape, finally reaching the Juggernaut's high security cell where the Juggernaut is trapped in a stasis cage. Vixen offers him her help in exchange for his assistance in her plans.

Captain Britain vs. the Juggernaut

In the meantime, the army arrives at the prison complex and surrounds the building with tanks. Nevertheless, they are unable to prevent the prison break. The Juggernaut destroys the prison wall and most of the prisoners escape, beating up the guards. The Juggernaut destroys most of the tanks while Vixen and her troops fly away with jet packs. Suddenly, the rampaging Juggernaut is stopped by a punch in his face. Surprised, he meets Captain Britain who orders him to give up. The Juggernaut hits Captain Britain and throws him some hundred meters into the desert surrounding Crossmoor.

The other members of Excalibur try to track down the prison fugitives. Kitty Pryde stops a stolen security car full of armed convicts by phasing through the motor. She then confuses the prisoners who shoot at her with various guns, so that Lockheed can get behind them. Hit by his fire breath, they give up. Nightcrawler fights another group of prisoners in hand-to-hand combat and defeats them by using his acrobatic skills.

Rupert Holloway meets Opal Luna Saturnyne

Meggan captured some prisoners as well and returns them to the prison. There she discovers that Juggernaut is brutally beating up Captain Britain. She challenges the Juggernaut who mocks at her. Meggan tells him that she draws her power from Mother Earth herself and becomes as large, muscular and powerful as the Juggernaut. Before she can hit him, Kitty reaches the scene and phases Meggan through the Juggernaut's body, telling her that she found a simpler solution for the problem. Eventually, Rachel Summer's psychic attack knocks the Juggernaut out and he can be arrested.

In the city of Newcastle, Rupert Holloway, a freak possessed with the idea of making contact with alien species, meets Widget who calls him "friend". Widget opens a dimension portal and Rubert steps through the portal, convinced that an alien race reached Earth and choose him as representative for the human race. Reaching the omniverse, he meets Opal Luna Saturnyne.

Moving Day! Braddock Lighthouse, Excalibur's new HQ

After defeating the Juggernaut, Excalibur moves from Merlin Mews in central London to Brian Braddock's Lighthouse at the West Coast of England. Living in London would be too dangerous for innocent by-standers, so the team decided to move their headquarter to this remote and lonely location. Together they transport their belongings in boxes and crates into the lighthouse which soon becomes quite crowded. Captain Britain accidentally ruins Kittys software by smashing the box to the ground. Kitty is in a very bad mood because she caught a cold and still misses the X-Men and her old friends. In addition, heavy rain starts pouring down and Excalibur is forced to remain in the lighthouse for some days. Soon, they all realize how confined the space truly is and start getting on each other's nerves.

Brian meets Courtney Ross in London and tells her about his secret problems with Meggan, Excalibur and his duties as Captain Britain

The storm continues for the next few days. Captain Britain resorts to heavy drinking, an old habit, and misses his bathroom shift. The bathroom usage is regulated by a tight schedule and Kitty punishes Captain Britain by taking an extensive bath and not letting him into the bathroom. Suffering from a hangover, Captain Britain moves to the kitchen where Lockheed and Meggan started a fire in an attempt to fix a Hot Toddy. Eventually, Rachel Summers takes Brians whisky supplies and throws them into the sea. He is shocked by this action, but his teammates explain that they are worried about his heavy drinking. Angry about this, Brian leaves the lighthouse and flies away into the storm while Meggan is feeling guilty for driving him away. Nightcrawler comforts her.

Kitty, still suffering from the flu, is jealous about her new roommate Rachel's vitality, looks and health while she has problems to even remain solid form for unpacking her stereo. When she connects her computer to the power supply, the entire lighthouse goes dark. Searching the fuse in the cellar, she is suddenly confronted with a strange mirror image of herself and Lockheed.

Brian Braddock flies to London where he meets his old love Courtney Ross. He talks to her about his sense of guilt regarding the supposed death of his sister Psylocke and about his problems with Meggan. He cannot speak with Meggan about intellectual topics and misses the discussions and stimulation he experienced during their old relationship. He and Courtney come very close to each other, but are interrupted by a telepathic call from Rachel, ordering Brian back to the lighthouse. In the lighthouse, Kitty describes what she has just experienced in the cellar. Excalibur discusses if they should relocate their headquarters but finally decide to stay in the lighthouse. Brian apologizes to Meggan for his behavior, and the woman immediately forgives him.

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