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Synopsis for "'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night...'"

In the middle of a storm, Brigadier Alysande Stuart arrives at Excalibur’s lighthouse for her brother’s birthday party. As she goes to open the door , Meggan, in the form of a vampire, bursts through and escapes into the night, Captain Britain, Lockheed and Widget in hot pursuit. As she comes inside, Alistaire brings her upstairs, where Phoenix has been injured, and Kurt bitten. Alysande launches into her first aid training.

Meanwhile, in the sky above London, Captain Britain spots Dai Thomas and the Police, who are investigating a series of attacks by a large bat. He sends the group off in the direction of Hyde Park, where the last attack took place.

Back at the lighthouse, Alysande and Alistaire are helpless. They’ve done all they can for the unconscious Rachel, but without the medical expertise of Nightcrawler, they can do no more. Bored, Alistaire continues to open his presents, and as he mulls over the gift he receives from Rachel, he has an idea. He then sets about trying to get in contact with Dr Strange. He succeeds in getting in contact with Wong, who immediately alerts the Doctor.

In Hyde Park, London, the Excalibur group are hiding in the bushes, lying in wait for Meggan. Above them in the trees, a nightmarish figure looks down on them. Meggan dives out of the trees, straight for Captain Britain. Brian struggles with her, not wishing to hit her, but as she goes to bite his throat, he finally throws her off. As she crumples on the ground, Captain Britain rushes to her side, as she transforms back to her natural self. However, when she awakes, she attracts the attention of a group of pensioners, and convincing them she is being attacked, they set on Captain Britain as she escapes in the form of a rabbit.

At the lighthouse, Alistaire complains about Dr Strange, thinking that a powerful Sorcerer should have arrived by now. On cue, Dr Strange arrives. He quickly diagnoses Phoenix as being concussed, and gets Rintrah to move the pile of furniture blocking the cupboard where Alistaire trapped Nightcrawler, convinced he would become a vampire after Meggan bit him. While Alistaire is worried, Dr Strange’s assertion that nothing is wrong proves to be correct when Nightcrawler emerges. Despite a large gash in his shoulder from Meggan’s attack, he is fine. Alistaire is embarrassed when he realises that Kurt has always had fangs, and quietly sits by while the doctor tends to Kurt’s wound.

Back at the park, Captain Britain, having flown away from his pursuers, finds Meggan in a clearing in the woods. It is now dawn, and as Lockheed prevents her escape, the Captain grabs her, and Widget opens a portal to the cave under Excalibur’s lighthouse. They immediately attract the attention of the rest of Excalibur and their guests upstairs, who rush down. Captain Britain mistakes Rintrah for one of Meggan’s guises. Before the fight can continue further, Dr Strange freezes them, and as they identify them , releases them until only Meggan is frozen. As Dr Strange realises that the energy from the Darkhold has caused these changes, he uses the Eye of Agamotto to drain the energy from Meggan until she returns to normal. As he and Rintrah leave, he prescribes a holiday for Kurt to recover, rest for Rachel and observation on Meggan in case she switches back. Captain Britain, meanwhile, is to attend a party thrown by the senior citizens who beat him up.

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