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-- Nightcrawler

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  • Braddock Plane

Synopsis for "No Man is an Island"

In a plane over the South Sea, Kurt Wagner laments that while the rest of the X-men died saving the world, he is to die in a plane crash on holiday. However, he spies an island on the horizon, and as the plane he is piloting crashes into the sea, he teleports out, having recovered from his injuries enough that he can now teleport more than once a day. However, he teleports out at the same speed the plane was flying at, so he skips across the surface of the ocean like a stone before he ploughs into the beach. As he passes out, he sees giant stone busts of the X-men, including him, staring down on him. From the tree line, a lady spies him collapsed on the beach.

When he wakes up, he sees the same woman being taken to a volcano by a group of spear-wielding islanders. He shadows them, and finds when they arrive that they are about to sacrifice her. He teleports in and grabs her just before she is thrown in, but weak from teleporting multiple times, he topples back into the volcano with her. However, a rock platform forms out of the side of the pit, and they are taken into a cavern, where a green creature with red eyes stares down at them. It doesn’t seem to sense their presence, so Nightcrawler reads the pictograms on the wall, which he soon connects to the first adventure he had with the X-men. His theory is confirmed when the creature awakes, calling itself the Son of Krakoa, Vega-Superior, who wishes to avenge the death of his father on Nightcrawler. As the tendrils surrounding Vega-Superior try to choke Nightcrawler, he breaks off a chunk of stalagmite which he uses to cut through them. He begins to climb away from the writhing tendrils, as Vega-Superior threatens that he cannot escape from ‘us’. Nightcrawler is confused until Vega-Superior releases his Vega-men from within pink glowing pods. They are copies of the original X-men, memories passed down from Krakoa to his spores, of which Vega-Superior is the only survivor. His version of Colossus is made of stone, Wolverine of Ice, and Cyclops shoots lava. Nightcrawler is disappointed by the poor copies of the originals, and makes light of it by easily defeating them. When he is finished, his companion shouts something, still in a language he does not understand. Vega-Superior translates, saying that she intends to kill Nightcrawler, and he teleports away moments before her knife passes through the spot he was in.

As he emerges on the surface, Vega-Superior sends another minion, this one Angel made of vines, revealing to Nightcrawler that he can control the whole island like his father. As Nightcrawler slams it into a tree, and lands on the ground, he is distracted by more islanders shouting at him. Another Vega-man, this one his double, grabs him from behind, but he easily throws it off, as none of the doubles imitate the original’s fighting prowess. As he goes to finish his double, his copy seems to melt. Vega-Superior tells him it is teleporting, and as it sinks into the island, it reforms beneath him, but Nightcrawler again swats it away. With no more enemies, Nightcrawler considers how to get home.

Suddenly, Vega-Superior and his companion from earlier burst from the sand behind him. Nightcrawler dives into the sea and swims away from the shore. Egged on by his female companion, Vega-Superior follows him into the sea. However, he soon realises, as he begins to sink, that his powers are gone now he is no longer connected to the island, and he sinks below the waves.

Later, Nightcrawler is found by the rest of Excalibur being entertained by the local population on the island, which he has christened Wagner’s isle, who treat him as a God. As they sit down to a meal, Kurt begins to retell his story…

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