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Outside the Houses of Parliament, another version of Excalibur attacks and swiftly defeats a group of Nazis. All the members of the team, are male, with the exception of Captain Britain, who is female. After they hand the Nazis over to the police, they return to their lighthouse, where as Captain Britain finishes putting her charges to bed, she looks out over the bay. Suddenly, her eyes snap open, and it is revealed to have all been a dream of a woman in therapy. Their session has ended, and the client, the Prime Minister, leaves satisfied. As the therapist shuts the door, they are revealed to be Mesmero.

Meanwhile, at St Searle’s school for girls, Kitty Pryde is introduced to her new headmistress, Miss Rutherford, after being sent there by Courtney Ross, who is herself a former pupil. She is soon dismissed, and climbs to her room at the top of a tower. She finds her room ransacked. There a group of girls are reading her diary. She grabs her diary, knocking the girl into the light switch. In the dark, one of the girls swings for her, and Kitty is surprised when she is hit, as her powers seem to be inhibited. She leaps at the girl, hitting her back, just as the lights come on and the headmistress enters the room. The other girls are sent to their rooms, and Kitty is forced to write out lines 1000 times. The headmistress rejects her first effort, forcing her to rewrite it until her handwriting is acceptable. As Kitty finds her way back to her room, she swears to get even with the girls and find out why her powers don’t work.

In London, at the national gallery, Vixen and her gang are trying to break in. Excalibur quickly rush to the scene. As Phoenix and Nightcrawler capture her henchmen, Meggan and Captain Britain chase down Vixen. As she rounds a corner, she switches back to being Nigel Frobisher, who sends the two superheroes off on a wild goose chase.

Back at St Searle’s, Kitty’s first week has been horrible, with a series of pranks being played on her. She's been ignored by all the other pupils. Restricted to the school grounds, Kitty tries to sneak out at night, where she overhears Miss Rutherford on the telephone. She is sobbing, begging for money to keep paying off the school’s debts. Sadly, she puts the phone down, with no money or future for the school left. Kitty continues outside the school, and considers returning to Excalibur’s lighthouse. She trips and falls through a wall. She realises that her powers are only blocked within school grounds.

On the school playing fields in the morning, the girls are convinced they’ve made Kitty run away. To their surprise, she appears on the field, and joins the opposing hockey team. As Huntsman, her chief tormentor, charges towards her goal at the end of the match, the game a tie, Kitty runs out from goal, tackles Huntsman, and hits the ball into her face, scoring a goal for her team. She rips off the jacket Huntsman is wearing, which she stole from Kitty. Using the opportunity to make a stand, she demands all her stolen items back. From a distance, Courtney Ross watches, impressed.

In Mesmero’s house in London, he is woken by two gleaming yellow robots. Threatening him, they demand he use his influence with all the world leaders to their master’s advantage. He tries to persuade them he is going straight, but as they turn their weapons towards him, he pretends to agree to their demands…

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