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At the BBC studios in London, Captain Britain and Meggan are exploring the set of her favorite soap, in response for an invitation for them to guest star. The Captain spies a poster on the wall, showing all of the dead X-men, which leaves him very unimpressed. Suddenly, there is a flash, and they are under Mesmero’s control.

At Excalibur’s lighthouse, Nightcrawler dives into the sea, trying to restore his teleporting skills by practicing teleporting from the sea back to the lighthouse. His first attempt gets him halfway up, but as he tries again, his injuries cause him to teleport further underwater, where he is saved by Rachel in the nick of time. She takes him back inside, telling him to accept his newfound limitations. She is interrupted by the doorbell. She opens the door and sees Jean Grey before her, as Mesmero takes control.

Upstairs, Kurt is thinking about Kitty, before realising that Widget can’t take them to her in another world because she must already be home on their earth. He sees Captain Britain, and cheerfully goes to tell him the news before the Captain grabs him by the throat. As he is held firm, Mesmero enters and puts Kurt under his control.

At St. Searle’s, Kitty is outside practicing her martial arts. From the bushes, she is spied upon by a group of younger girls, who are soon forced out as Huntsman and her gang arrive. They begin to plot Kitty’s downfall once again.

Later, Kitty is in her room when Miss Rutherford comes to talk to her. After a few moments, the headmistress is called away to speak to the financial council. Sneaking over the rooftops, Kitty follows her, and as she tries to listen in through a grate in the roof she finds Rutherford there before her. Silently, they listen, as the council decides to shut down the school, before Rutherford notices her presence. She leaps on her, but Kitty manages to talk her down, and they begin to understand one another. They come up with a scheme to save the school. They intend to win the cheerleading competition for Britain’s first American football team, and use the winnings to save the school.

In London, the robots have returned to Mesmero, who agrees to go along with their plan, but demands to meet their masters. As the robots leave to consult with them, they are followed by Captain Britain. From the shadows, Mesmero and the rest of Excalibur emerge, as the other Mesmero transforms back into Meggan. He plots to locate and destroy the robots masters, using Excalibur as his private army.

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