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At St. Searle’s local railway station, Miss Rutherford waits on the tracks, along with another teacher, Kitty, and Huntsman. She plans to visit Courtney Ross and get her to lend to the school so they can pay their debts. As Miss Rutherford departs on the train, and the other teacher returns to the school, Huntsman whistles, summoning a bunch of students onto the platform. Kitty phones another girl, lying in wait by the school, who, as the teacher passes, blows up a tree that falls and blocks the school’s only access road and takes out the telephone line. With the school sealed off, Kitty phones Paddington station, to ensure that Miss Rutherford is transferred to a train bound for Scotland. As their own train arrives, they all board, and set off for London.

Meanwhile, on a weapons range, Excalibur, under Mesmero’s control, are being tested against a robot army, controlled by a mesmerised Alistaire Stuart. They easily destroy it, and Mesmero is satisfied, at least until a gun is pressed to the side of his head by Brigadier Alysande Stuart. First, he tries to mesmerize her, but when she reveals she is immune, he makes Nightcrawler grab her and knock her out.

On the train to London, some of the girls get into a fight, and a stray punch passes through Kitty. She reveals to the girls her secret identity. Instead of the anger she expected, she is met with awe. The proceedings are cut short as they dive to the floor to avoid Miss Rutherford on the Scotland bound train.

They arrive at the stadium where the competition is being held. As the match gets under way, the girls change into their costumes. They watch as the professional team performs. They take to the field after them and put on an equally stunning performance.

Under the stadium, Mesmero meets with the robots, who reveal their masters, a man and woman who identify themselves as Fenris. They order him to obey them, as they don’t see him as a threat. As Meggan transforms, her muscles swelling, she rips the robots apart. As the rest of Excalibur swoop in, Phoenix is blasted through the roof and out into the sky over the stadium. On the pitch, the girls continue their routine, but when Kitty sees the Phoenix effect, she dives through the ground, finding herself in the men’s changing room. As she dashes outside, she runs into the fight. She tries to phase into one of the robots to disable it for Captain Britain, but she is thrown off by a defensive field around it. The distraction provides enough time for Captain to destroy the robot.

Meanwhile, in the venting, the fight is watched by St. Searle’s students. They call on the rest of the girls, who dash off the pitch to help Excalibur.

Down below, Nightcrawler grabs the female member of Fenris and teleports her away from her brother, remembering their powers only work when they are in contact. As Kitty struggles to her feet, Mesmero stands over her, about to mesmerize her before Lockheed swoops in, sending flames straight at Mesmero, which causes him to lose control of Excalibur. In the distraction, Fenris try to reunite, but the girls from the school manage to capture them before they can. Later, Excalibur are talking to all the girls from St. Searle’s. Miss Rutherford sweeps in, demanding to know why the girls are there. Captain Britain tries to explain, but she shouts him down before Courtney Ross arrives. She has found a solution to the debt problem. The American football team will lease grounds from St. Searle’s at a high enough price to allow the school to pay its debts. As the girls reunite with their headmistress, Kitty reunites with Excalibur.


Chris Claremont departs the series.

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