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Synopsis for "Out on a Limbo"

In England, Alistaire Stuart waits for Excalibur to return from Limbo. As he looks across the bay, the ground begins to tremble beneath him. He moves in the nick of time, as chunks of ground begin to fly into the air. From the seas below, the Lady of the Lake arrives, bringing with her the West Coast Avengers. As the portal begins to absorb more mass, the Avengers overload it, closing it for the moment. The Lady of the Lake sends them through to Limbo, where they arrive just in time to save Excalibur from being overwhelmed. Captain Britain, climbing out of a deep hole, mistakes Wonder Man for a demon, and they brawl until Phoenix, released by Iron Man, brings them to a halt. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch has located the 5 portals absorbing Engalnd. The two teams split into pairs, one member from each, to close each portal.

Firstly, Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler confront two demons disguised as parodies of Dr Strange and Mr Fantastic respectively. Nightcrawler teleports about the portal building, followed by the Mr Fantastic demon, who ties himself into a knot after getting tangled in the pillars. As Scarlet Witch causes the Mr Fantastic demon to ping like a rubber band, Nightcrawler hurls a stone at the Dr Strange demon. With both the demons down, Scarlet Witch seals the portal. Meanwhile, Meggan and Iron Man find a Silver Surfer and a Human Torch demon protecting their portal. They pick on Meggan, thinking her weaker, but as a shapeshifter attuned to nature, she is more powerful than ever in a magical dimension. She first copies the human torch, and is nearly hurt by the silver surfer, but Iron Man dives in to protect her. She transforms into the silver surfer, and uses the power cosmic to shrink the two demons to a molecular level, leaving the two heroes free to seal the portal.

At the blocked portal, two Wolverine demons argue over who should be the true Wolverine. Shadowcat and Tigra begin their attack. They are embarrassed when fighting the two demons, who are very poor copies of the original. Kitty phases them into one, and as two objects can’t exist in the same place at the same, they explode, destroying the portal once and for all. At the 4th portal, Captain Britain and Wonder Man find a Thor and Thing demon, who easily beat the Captain earlier. He takes out the Thor demon, and together, they knock out the Thing demon. However, the Thor demon, summons down a storm, striking a direct hit on Wonder Man with a lightning bolt. It has no effect, and together, they throw the Thor demon into the portal, causing it to explode.

At the final portal, Phoenix and Quicksilver are unimpressed by a fat Professor Xavier demon and an Invisible Woman demon. Phoenix causes the Professor X demon to knock out the Invisible Woman, before Quicksilver delivers a knock out blow to Professor X. As Phoenix destroys the portal, Dr Doom looks on from the castle at the centre of Limbo. He talks to a demon, who knows him from when he was on Earth, and swears that he will destroy Doom. But as Doom finds the heart of Limbo, the assembled heroes burst in, just as he plunges the sword into the living, gigantic heart of Limbo…

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