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Synopsis for "Still Crazy After All These Years"

Courtney Ross is kidnapped by Arcade and Miss Locke

Courtney Ross looks over a photograph of her kissing Captain Britain. As she packs up to leave the Fraser's Bank where she works, the Crazy Gang appear and try to capture her. They fight and Courtney fights them off and starts to run out of the building. She jumps into a taxi and finds it to be driven by Arcade and Miss Locke. They tell her that she is part of their exercise and that the Crazy Gang work for Arcade. Then they knock her out with some sort of weapon.

Kurt and Meggan are overwhelmed by their feelings

The next day, Shadowcat gets some money from a Fraser's Bank ATM. She walks into a clothing store and checks on Phoenix who she is trying to get into some business clothing. Phoenix hates the outfit and makes Shadowcat change into an outfit that Rachel would wear normally. Shadowcat blushes when men in the store start gawking at her. She goes to pay for the clothes and realizes that the money she got from the ATM is fake money.

Callisto and Moira MacTaggert, just before their train passes the Widget portal to Earth-597

At the lighthouse, Nightcrawler trains his acrobatic skills and Meggan walks in. He grabs her and starts to toss her around the room and then teleports behind her and they both fall to the ground. They have a brief moment and are about to kiss when Brian calls to them both from upstairs. Meggan takes off and Nightcrawler hits himself over the head for trying to kiss her. Upstairs, the team talks about the fake money and that it shows pictures of Courtney Ross in deadly positions about to be hurt. They deduct that the money is from Arcade and that he must have Courtney held prisoner. Captain Britain attempts to take off to save her and the team stops him and they try to come up with a plan and find Arcade's hideout on the reverse side of the money.

Tweedledope used the mind-switching device to swap bodies with Captain Britain

Meanwhile, Arcade and Ms. Locke introduce Courtney to his new amusement park in Strangeways. He tells Courtney that her, Brian, and the X-Men are the only ones who have gotten the best of Arcade and he is paying them back for it. He is going to use Courtney to get Brian to come after her. He says that he is going to kill her and then sends her through a doorway onto a stage where she is to make jokes for a crowd of monsters. They begin to boo and throw knives at her and so she gets the point and starts to tell a joke.

Arcade "welcomes" Courtney Ross to Strangeways, his new Murderworld

Elsewhere, Moira MacTaggert and Callisto talk on a train going to London. Moira explains that she has gotten reports from the mediscans that she ran on Excalibur and there is an anomaly with Phoenix's scan. The train starts to go under a bridge and suddenly is teleported away. Widget is seen creating a portal on the bridge and he starts to look for his friends, Nigel and Rupert, but can't find them.

In Strangeways, Arcade is waiting for Courtney to get booed off the stage and apparently the monsters are loving the jokes she is making. Even Ms. Locke cracks a smile. Arcade is angered by this since it is not according to his plan.

Meanwhile, Excalibur walks into Strangeways and sees the Crazy Gang waiting for them. They sneak up on them and start to attack. Captain Britain is attacked by Tweedledope who has made a mind-switching device. He attaches it to Brian and their minds swap bodies. Captain Britain who now has Tweedledope's brain starts to attach devices to the others on the team and Meggan swaps minds with Knave and Nightcrawler with Jester. Shadowcat takes off and warns Phoenix what is happening. Before Phoenix moves she is attacked by a psychic-scream from her baby brother Nathan Summers. She is attacked by Brian and lashes out the Phoenix Force destroying the Executioner. She then acts as Executioner did and takes up his outfit. Shadowcat and Lockheed are the only two left and as Arcade sends Courtney Ross into a trapdoor on the stage, and the rest of the team is taken in to the park, he announces to Shadowcat that he will get her and her "little dragon too".

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