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Synopsis for "Home Comforts"

Lying in bed, Kurt dreams about him and Meggan being together. As he calls out her name in his sleep, Brian grabs him, shouting at him for trying to steal his girlfriend. As Rachel separates them, they stare at each other in stony silence, as Meggan descends through the lighthouse carrying equipment to upgrade their house. Brian angrily storms out, descending to try and find some peace and quiet, followed by Scatterbrain, who he can’t shake off. Meggan calls to him, to look at the zero gravity lift they’re building, but he shrugs her off, and she sadly watches him descend to the next floor.

On the next floor, Brian finds Kitty and Ferro² experimenting on Widget, to see if he’s alright. Ferro², in an effort to be helpful, tries to speed up the equipment, but he only succeeds in overloading it. Brian follows Kitty downstairs, and as she enters her room, he sees Bodybag dive in. He dashes towards the room, ripping Bodybag away from her, before finding that Bodybag has devoured her Teddy Bear. Ferro² asks Kitty what the bear was filled with. He is relieved to hear it is Nylon, and not a long chain polymer. When Kitty and Brian explain Nylon is a long chain polymer, he looks worriedly at Bodybag, who runs for the toilet, foaming at the mouth. As he slams the door, the toilet explodes, and a relieved Bodybag emerges. Bodybag blames the toilet exploding on something materialising in the toilet, but no one believes him. Kitty finally admits that Brian was right to think that allowing Technet in was a bad idea, but he has already left, going to the very bottom floor.

On the bottom floor, he enters the room and switches the light on, seeing Numbers, and Lockheed of Earth-597 in bed together, before he hurriedly rushes from the room, embarrassed. As Scatterbrain starts following him again, China Doll explains that she feeds of emotional energy, like his anger. He storms away, and flies up through the hole in the centre of the lighthouse, not realising the anti-gravity lift is activated. He shoots up, smashing into the generator at the top. As the roof gives way, he sees Kurt tending to Meggan. He lashes out, and as he goes for another punch, Kurt swings him over his shoulder and onto the floor. As the rest of the teams look on, Rachel holds them off intervening, as it’s been a long time coming. As the fight continues, Meggan pleads with Rachel to stop it. Brian flies at Kurt, who leaps on his back and teleports them to the base of the lighthouse, where he jumps off as Brian careers into the floor. But Brian is up in a flash, throwing rocks at him until Meggan stops them. Meggan starts to sob as she tells them she isn’t something to own, and that they are a family to her, as she can’t remember her own. She flies off in tears as Rachel goes after her, while Kitty goes inside for a medical kit, as Kurt’s leg is broken. Finally, Kurt and Brian discuss their issues, and realise they are both being idiots. As they make up, a group from the Captain Britain Corps appears, and takes Brian away for trial, leaving Kurt alone.

Meanwhile, on Ee’rath, Kylun and his band rescue Princess Sa’tneen, the sole remaining royal and true ruler of the planet. As his army grows, he prepares to take on Necrom…

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