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Quote1.png This isn't a trial... they want me to be guilty, and they've twisted the truth to justify their decision. Quote2.png
Captain Britain

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Synopsis for "Witless for the Prosecution"

On Otherworld, in the headquarters of the Captain Britain Corps, Brian Braddock’s crimes are read out. With Brian gagged, the Captain Britain of Earth-839, Linda McQuillam, pleads not guilty on his behalf. She explains to Brian that he needs to calm down, and once he does so, his restraints disappear, and he gets 3 minutes to talk to Linda, his defence attorney. She explains that as well as breaking the regulations of the corps, he has broken the morality code of Earth-616. She continues, telling him that it changes depending on the world, including one where picking a flower is considered a brutal act. As they talk, they are interrupted by Hauptmann Englande, who is the prosecutor, who assures him he will have the ultimate sentence given to Brian.

Meanwhile, back on Earth-616, on the Yorkshire dales, Meggan talks to Rachel about her family. She was treated as a monster by her family’s friends and neighbours, and so her family hid her away, only letting her out at night. Then her memory becomes patchy, uncertain, until Brian found her, so in an effort to find her parents, she lets Rachel sort through the memories in her mind. She prepares herself for the psychic defences, but there are none, and she overshoots, falling into the splintered memory in Meggan’s mind. She manages to free herself, before they could merge together, but the experience has triggered a memory of some old friends, The Scotts, who Meggan knew in London. They begin their flight down south.

As Alistaire Stuart approaches Excalibur’s new lighthouse, complete with domed roof, he laughs at how much like a mushroom it appears. He opens the door, hoping to entice Rachel, who he has a crush on, on an excavation in Ireland. But as he does so, he is plunged into a fight between the members of Technet, and a stray fist propels him into the anti-gravity elevator, where he is caught at the top by Kurt, now resplendent with a leg cast and walking stick. When Kitty asks him what he wants, he admits he wanted to ask Rachel to go to Ireland with him. Kitty tells him that Rachel’s in London, but that she’ll come along instead. Kitty quickly gathers her things, grabs Alistaire and phases them out of the building, as they set off for Ireland.

In Earth-148, on Ee'rath, Kylun and Princess Sa’tneen lead an army against the forces of Necrom, where they continue the battle towards Necrom’s citadel…

Back in London on Earth-616, Meggan and Rachel reach the Scotts’ house. While Meggan and her friend Josie catch up, Rachel talks to Josie’s parents about recent events between Brian and Meggan. After a while, Josie and Meggan re-enter the room, having found the address of Madame Zelda, a former neighbour of Meggan who has become a fortune teller nearby. Back at the lighthouse, Kurt greets Dai Thomas of Scotland Yard, as well as Miss Emilia Witherspoon, a clairvoyant who has helped Scotland Yard with previous investigations. She has predicted a number of recent crimes before they happened, but despite high tech surveillance equipment, they haven’t been able to catch them, and so they need Excalibur’s help. Kurt tries to explain that Excalibur aren’t here, but Emilia suggests using the Technet to help. Kurt desperately tries to avoid it, but Emilia persuades him into assembling them into the N-Men. Back in London, Meggan goes to see Madame Zelda, while Rachel waits outside with Josie. Seeing a bright flash behind them, Phoenix enters the source of the light, an antiques shop, where an ancient dagger is floating away. She uses the full brunt of the Phoenix force, and sees a ghostly apparition outlined in the Phoenix Halo, but before she can do any more, she gets grabbed from behind by a mysterious figure. She throws him across the room, but the figure is Micromax, who swells to twice her size in an effort to apprehend her. Again, she throws him across the room, this time through the window, where she is surrounded by armed police who arrest her, for robbing the shop. However, one of the analysts points out the figure in the Phoenix halo, and Micromax backs down. As they turn around, Meggan comes out of Madame Zelda’s, with the Zelda remembering that Meggan’s parents had gone to France.

Back on Otherworld, Hauptmann Englande displays evidence on his screen of Brian’s crimes against the Captain Britain corps, including joining Excalibur and becoming subordinate to someone other than Roma, disrupting the continuum on the Cross-Time Caper, using the Uniform of Captain Marshall, and finally, breaking Kurt’s leg. Brian relieves his attorney, as he believes the trial to be a sham, and because of this, his sentence is carried out, as all the Corps members dive for him…

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