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In the Major Mainwaring museum in Walmington-on Sea, Nightcrawler, and the former Technet, now the N-Men, watch as they wait for an item to be stolen, as Miss Witherspoon has predicted. As an ancient chalice lifts from its display case, they leap into action, and attack a figure, who swells to almost double their size. Again, Micromax has attacked the wrong assailant. He argues with Nightcrawler, telling him he has interrupted his stakeout which uses the most high tech equipment available. However, it doesn’t take Ferro² long to point out that all the wires have been cut. Micromax immediately accuses them of sabotage, but before they can come to blows, Dai Thomas arrives, ordering Micromax to leave. At that moment, Brigadier ‘Inky’ Blott of FI6 arrives, ordering Dai to leave. As they begin to argue over whose jurisdiction it is, Nightcrawler and the N-Men sneak away.

On Otherworld, Brian Braddock and Captain UK fight the assembled members of the Captain Britain Corps. Suddenly, a trumpet blares, as Saturnyne arrives, delivering a pardon for Brian from Roma. As she leaves, Brian flies after her, thanking her for saving him. She shrugs him off, stating that she doesn’t know why Roma pardoned him. As she leaves, Captain UK arrives, and invites Brian outside.

Back at Excalibur’s Lighthouse on Earth 616, Miss Witherspoon announces another robbery will take place in 4 days time, while the N-Men fight in the background. Dai asks for Rachel, but Nightcrawler can only say that she and Meggan are still away, as he too has no idea of their whereabouts. As the N-Men’s brawl reaches a climax, Nightcrawler orders them to stop. As he arranges a group exercise for them, he is suddenly struck with an idea of how to inspire them… On Otherworld, Brian and Captain UK stare into the Energy Matrix, as Captain UK explains the significance of it. The matrix grants the Captain Britain Corps their powers, and it can only be absorbed in Britain, but can be stored in their uniforms. As they wander, Brian sees an almost exact replica of Excalibur’s original lighthouse, which Captain UK explains was built by Merlyn, and it extends across the multiverse. As she bids Brian farewell to return to her Earth, he looks up at the tower and Roma’s citadel, deep in thought.

On Earth 616, in France, Meggan and Rachel’s journey has taken them into the Rhone valley in the hunt for Meggan’s parents. A tired Meggan asks Rachel why they can’t fly, to which Rachel says that it is part of their staying undercover. Angrily, Meggan throws down her pack. She demands to know the real reason why they can’t fly. As they sit down, Rachel says that when she stopped using her powers at the Scotts’ house, her memory has started to return. She apologises for interrupting Meggan’s search, but Meggan is completely understanding. Instead, they get up and break into a run, so they don’t miss their train.

On Earth 616, in a Birmingham art gallery, Micromax demands that FI6 find which object he is meant to be protecting. As Brigadier Blott tells him to enter radio silence, he is hit from behind, knocking him out as the box he was sitting on rises from the floor, and a silver coronet smashes its way out. At that moment, the N-Men, now all in uniform, emerge from the shadows. Ringtoss renders the monster visible, while Waxwork turns its legs to jelly. Once on the floor, the monster’s arms are grabbed by Ferro² and Thug, while Bodybag coats it in a toxin so they can capture it. But there is no mind in the creature, so it fails, as does Scatterbrain’s attempt to confuse it. As Joyboy and Scatterbrain link minds, attempting to attack the controller, they are overwhelmed by the show of force, as in a warehouse far away, the controller boosts the creature’s power. In a final effort, Chinadoll shrinks the space between its atoms. Normally, she does it slowly to let the energy dissipate naturally, but this time, she is forced to do it quickly, so quickly that the energy is released as an explosion, blowing out the windows of the gallery. Reduced to a small, inanimate doll, they sense that the blast has separated the controller, returning the creature to just clay. As the N-Men celebrate, Miss Witherspoon warns Dai that this was only the first of many encounters, and that the future is becoming dense and uncertain. Jokingly, he asks her if it is the end of the world. Ominously, she replies ‘Quite possibly.’ As the jet flies away, Joyboy is left behind. As he tries to get their attention, he is grabbed by a green hand…

On Ee’rath, Necrom greets Kylun and Princess Sa’tneen as they invade his citadel and become separated from their forces. As his inner sanctum seals, Kylun announces that his reign is over. Necrom is unimpressed, stating that having sucked the world dry, he will take control of the multiverse itself. As a final insult to the world, he reveals to Kylun and Princess Sa’tneen that their Excalibur, who they had thought traitors, had actually died fighting Necrom, and he resurrects them to fight Kylun and Princess Sa’tneen.


Captain Mainwaring and Walmington-on-Sea both appear in the TV sitcom Dad’s Army, with the captain presumably being promoted.

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