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On Ee’rath, Kylun and Princess Sa’tneen fight their world’s version of Excalibur, resurrected and under Necrom’s control. As they fight Princess Sa’tneen realises that their opponents are not sentient, just puppets under Necrom’s control. As she directs a blast at him, his concentration is broken, and this Excalibur crumble to dust. Necrom directs all of his power at Princess Sa’tneen, and despite her putting up a good fight, she is overwhelmed just as Kylun throws his sword at Necrom, knocking him dead. As he cradles Princess Sa’tneen, she bids him a psychic farewell before slipping away. Kylun cries in anguish, before noticing Necrom is still alive. One of his monsters carries him through a tower that is known to cross time. Kylun sees them enter a door, but when he pursues them through, he bursts into Excalibur’s bathroom, where Kurt is brushing his teeth. Kylun swings at him, but Kurt ducks beneath the blade, but Kylun quickly overpowers him, and wings his sword. However, the enchanted blade doesn’t touch him, as its enchantment forbids it from wounding those of pure spirit. As Kurt asks why he is there, Kylun realises that they speak English. He switches, and is surprised to find himself in England. At that moment, Widget comes to investigate, and is overjoyed to find his friend Kylun, or Colin McKay as he once was.

Now in Germany, Meggan and Rachel’s quest to find Rachel’s parents has taken them to Germany, and the Black Forest. As they reach a clearing, they see a castle ahead of them, complete with a thunderstorm. Jokingly, Rachel says that all they need is Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster. From behind them, illuminated by a lightning flash, come Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster. Frankenstein’s monster knocks out Rachel, and as Meggan switches into a werewolf, Dracula hypnotises her, as she goes under his control. He orders her to reveal her true form, and she regains her Inferno appearance. Dracula takes her as her own, much to Frankenstein’s monster’s dismay. Dracula tells him that he can have Rachel, but she has disappeared. She emerges from the trees, and knocks out both Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster with a single punch each. As they fall, they both switch into being two old men. In the distance, Meggan spies a caravan, which she dashes towards despite Rachel’s warning. As she opens the door, they find a creature locked inside.

Back at Excalibur’s lighthouse, Kylun, or Colin, explains his past. As a young mutant, Vixen, local crime queen, attempted to kidnap him, and he hid in a derelict factory. He found Widget there, and when Vixen tracked him down, Widget provided a gateway for his escape to Ee’rath. There, he was taken to the Royal court, and become betrothed to Princess Sa’tneen after being raised as a warrior. However, soon after his betrothal, Necrom’s forces destroyed their city, and Kylun, barely alive, set out to end Necrom’s reign. He holds Kurt to his promise, to locate Necrom, and in response, Kurt gives him the clay creature. Kylun recognises it as one of Necrom’s monsters, but is confused that it arrived at least a month before him. Kurt explains that time isn’t consistent, and that they arrived during the rebuilding of the lighthouse, and that Bodybag’s excuse for destroying the bathroom wasn’t an excuse at all, but just the arrival of Necrom and his creature. The N-Men and Kylun set to work tracing Necrom. In Germany, Rachel tries to stop Meggan approaching the creature. The creature, in response, shows Rachel what it has shown her. She sees the world around her on the spirit plain, The Alshra, a world of light and colour. She sees the Phoenix force threaded through her body, and the glowing true form of Meggan. The creature explains that the magical creature that they were tracking weren’t rumours of Meggan, but of itself. It is one of the Neuri, an ancient magical race that has long since retreated to another earth. It came back for curiosity, and was captured by the family after saving them from a blizzard. They enslaved it, and gradually, jealousy reduced them to only the two brothers outside, and it was responsible for granting their power. It explains that it is no coincidence they met, and that their future shall reveal who is behind their meeting. Suddenly, it collapses, and Meggan realises it is dying as The Alshra fades from view. They take it outside as it asks, where it slips away, and then dissolves into mist. With their quest over for now, Meggan picks up Rachel and they begin to fly home, while the two brothers, now without their powers, are reduced to watching from the shadows.

At the lighthouse, the N-Men are alarmed to feel large shockwaves emanating from the cave underneath the lighthouse. They rush down, where they find Widget trying to grow himself a body. Suddenly, there is a thud, as a large creature looms out of purple smoke…

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