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Quote1.png I am Cerise. Warrior of the Ghrand Jhar. Genestock of Subruki, Zarstok, and Kuli Ka. Mine is the power to generate malleable energy fields of coherent light-force that obey my will. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Come One and All to the Ugly Bug-Eyed Monster Ball"

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Synopsis for "Come One and All to the Ugly Bug-Eyed Monster Ball"

In Excalibur’s cellar, the N-Men launch themselves at the creature that has just burst in. As Nightcrawler and Kylun watch, Kylun notes it is deflecting the N-Men’s attacks without retaliating. Suddenly, a flock of tiny green dragon hybrids invade the cellar, stopping the fight. Numbers proudly announces that he is the father of the alternate Lockheed’s children. While they congratulate the happy couple, Nightcrawler approaches the creature, and apologises for the N-Men. As the suit’s helmet lifts up, the occupant begins to speak in English, and states they don’t wish to fight. She introduces herself as Cerise, and Nightcrawler introduces himself and all the other assembled people. When Cerise asks which represents humanity, Nightcrawler sheepishly admits that she herself looks most human.

Back on Otherworld, Brian continues to explore, where he is invited to play chess by another Captain Britain. He politely declines, to which the other Captain tells him he is just like his father. As they talk, Brian admits he isn’t as good a champion of Otherworld as his father was. The other Captain tells him that this was intentional. As Brian demands to know more, the other captain explains how the chain of events that led to Excalibur’s formation were all arranged by Roma, like how the Phoenix aura appeared to Meggan before Rachel had even arrived on Earth, and the Technet took Meggan and Kitty hostage before they had even known Rachel had returned. He adds that in order to make the team gel, she curtailed Brian’s individuality by adding a blunder factor whenever he tried to work alone. Suddenly, Brian realises why Saturnyne didn’t capture Phoenix back on the hub, and why Nigel Cringebottom arrived just as Technet were fighting Excalibur. But he still wants to know why, and so he flies to Roma’s Citadel for answers. As he flies off, the other captain transforms, into a much older man in a cloak, with an appearance one could call wizard-like…

Back in the cave under the lighthouse, Cerise explains how she was dragged into a wormhole that took her across space to Earth by manipulating light into a model of the wormhole. Meanwhile, Widget spies the Excalibur’s former train across the room, and detaching his head from his first body, begins to consume it. Suddenly, Cerise’s sensors pick up spacetime disruption outside. They rush outside, to find even more people from other dimensions. Nightcrawler sighs, exclaiming “This is getting silly.”

At Roma’s Citadel, the guards prevent Brian from entering. He fights them, knocking them away as he throws open the doors and dashes in. A guard radios Saturnyne, who hurriedly dresses and leaves her male companion behind in her bedroom. Brian soon enters the inner sanctum, where Roma awaits Brian. Brian angrily shouts at Roma, as he is being used by her just as Merlyn used him. She tells him that Excalibur are needed to fight evil, the nature of which she doesn’t know. She explains that Merlyn started a gambit before he died, and that she has to finish it. Brian tells her that they met Merlyn recently. She brings up his memory to confirm it, and Brian begins to notice the strangeness of the events around Meggan’s Possession, from his strange behaviour to memories of things he has never seen. Roma can’t believe it is her father, as he is acting too directly, and begins to worry. Before they can talk more, Saturnyne bursts it, threatening to obliterate Brian. Roma tells her to stand down, as Brian grabs the surprised Saturnyne’s gun and twists the barrel around into a u shape. Brian turns back to Roma, and tells her to ask Excalibur to help him next time, as he smashes her chess board. Saturnyne briefly tries to seduce him, but he shrugs her off, and asks Roma to remove the blunder jinx and send him home.

Outside the lighthouse, Numbers shakes hands with the leader of the new arrivals. Thug tells Nightcrawler that they have negotiated a new contract with them, and as they are no longer the Technet, they are no longer exiled to Earth. As they prepare to leave, Nightcrawler asks them why they don’t want to find Joyboy. As the N-Men and their employers teleport away, Thug tells him that their employer’s psychic has predicted with 98.73% probability that Earth 616 will cease to exist in 78 hours. After they disappear, Meggan and Rachel return, soon followed by Brian teleporting in. Brian and Kurt make up, before Kylun demands that they find Necrom. The three recently returned members are confused, and so Kurt begins to recount events, beginning with Alistaire and Kitty going to Ireland.

Over in Ireland, Alistaire and Kitty witness their team make a discovery. There is a chamber underground, containing a powerful force of some kind…

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