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Quote1.png We're too late. The Anti-Phoenix has joined with Necrom. I can feel him in my mind. He's coming after me. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Irish Stew"

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Synopsis for "Irish Stew"

In County Sligo, Ireland, a young man, Feron, reads a passage from W.B Yeats. He has an elfin appearance, and hovers above the ground as he reads. As Excalibur’s jet screams through the night sky above, Feron comes to terms with his destiny. When his feet touch the ground for the first time, he will inherit the powers of his ancestor and combat the anti-Phoenix, and inherit the powers of the Phoenix himself.

At the Excavation, the workers run for cover as the jet comes in low, but at the last moment it sweeps up as Excalibur dive from the jet, while Nightcrawler goes to land it. As they land, Kitty explains the situation. Despite their attempts, they are still unable to access the underground chamber. Nightcrawler comes up with a plan. While Kitty phases Rachel into the chamber, Captain Britain, Meggan and Cerise will dig a tunnel for everyone else. As Kitty and Rachel reach the chamber, Kitty collapses. Rachel goes to pick her up, but she has aged, and lies dead. From behind her, a voice calls to her. She turns, finding herself back in her time. It’s Scrapper, who tells her that the time travel attempt failed. As Sentinels burst in, he shouts at her to use the Phoenix force. She’s confused, telling him that she didn’t receive the Phoenix force until she got to the past. Suddenly the scene changes, and she finds her hands around the throat of Selene, Black Queen of the Hellfire club. Wolverine stands over her, telling her to finish the job. But Kate remembers that Wolverine actually told her to spare Selene. Wolverine bursts into light and a glowing figure appears. It asks for the Phoenix force, so that her memory will be restored. She refuses, and then it threatens to tear the Phoenix force from her.

Back on the surface, while Excalibur dig their tunnel in the pouring rain, the monks prepare to place Feron on the ground for the first time. As his bare feet touch the gound for the first time, the ground begins to tremble, escalating to an earthquake as lightning arcs into him. The earthquake helps Excalibur break into the chamber, and they are overwhelmed by the light flooding from the chamber. Inside, Rachel and Kitty look up at them, and tell them to stop the light, the embodiment of the Anti-Phoenix. As the glowing figure riding on the light tries to escape, Feron stops it in his tracks. It begins to overpower him, just as Excalibur arrive. But the ground comes to life, catching them off guard, as creatures of rock rise from the ground. They break them apart, but as the small rocks continue to attack, Kylun uses his Swords of Zz’ria to dissipate the energy that animates them, reducing them to ordinary rocks and mud. As they try to work out what happened, Rachel reaches them, only for Feron to shout at her for hosting the Phoenix instead of him. As one of the monks apologises for him, he asks Excalibur to take him with them, to stop the anti-Phoenix bonding to its creator. Rachel tells them to go to the lighthouse immediately, where they can track it.

As Excalibur take their jet, captured from Vixen, back to the lighthouse, they congratulate Kylun on his defeat of the rock creatures. Out of curiosity, Meggan asks what his mutant power is. He tries to change the subject, but as they press him, he admits that his mutant ability is to precisely reproduce any sound. He gives them a few examples, before Nightcrawler cries out in alarm. The causeway to their lighthouse his littered with creatures, who, as they land, realise are a group of robot bodies. Nightcrawler, on closer inspection, realises they are Widget bodies. Lockheed comes outside, keen to show them something, and they follow him into the cellar, where Widget has consumed their train to make his new body. The bodies get more advanced as they go along, until they find Widget, with a shining new body, part metal, part ethereal. Suddenly, they realise Rachel is staring into the distance.

In her head, she sees an abandoned warehouse in London, where Necrom stands in a room surrounded by occult symbols. Through a broken window, the anti-Phoenix enters, and is absorbed by Necrom. They are too late. Necrom’s quest for the Phoenix has begun…

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