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Quote1.png I know Roma, Kurt. I think we can trust her. She wanted us to have a fresh start, as free agents. The manipulation is over. We're nobody's pawns now. Quote2.png
Captain Britain

Appearing in "Winner Loses All"

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Synopsis for "Winner Loses All"

In Excalibur’s cellar, Necrom continues to threaten Rachel if she doesn’t release the Phoenix force to him. Kylun, enraged by Necrom’s appearance, stabs the flaming image with his swords, that dispel Necrom’s magic. As Necrom disappears in a flash, Rachel announces she is going to attack Necrom directly. But Kurt talks her down, realising that Necrom is bluffing, that the convergence started long before he came to their earth and so must be natural. As the apparitions get more frequent, Feron flies off, intending to fight Necrom himself , and is closely pursued by Kylun. They try to stop him, but the appearance of a motorway prevents them. Cerise tells them they are safe, and that they only appear to have disappeared, having left the temporal shield. At first, they think Widget is generating it, until they realise that it is Rachel, whose time manipulating abilities reach back to her being sent to this time to stop her future. As they can’t leave Rachel, Cerise raises them in a ball of light from the cellar and through into the lighthouse above.

Outside, Feron challenges Necrom, and only just manages to deflect his initial attack. From above, Dai Thomas, Miss Witherspoon and Micromax arrive by helicopter. Micromax dives from the helicopter, increasing his size and density to that of a meteor, attempting to crush Necrom from above. He hits with the same force, and causes a small earthquake. Kitty tries to check by phasing through the wall, but it resists her attempts to phase through it.

Outside, Micromax struggles from the rubble, and begins to celebrate killing Necrom. But he is premature, and Necrom bursts from the rubble and tries to absorb his life. Cerise whisks him out of harm’s way as Kylun dives at him, but Necrom flies away towards the lighthouse, despite his deep hatred for Kylun, to prepare for the final convergence.

Back inside the lighthouse, Kitty is still unable to phase outside. As Excalibur examine the wall, Meggan switches into her true form, where she can see life energy arcing off the walls and into Brian. Kurt asks Rachel to link their minds, but the interference from the convergence is giving her a migraine. Alistaire suggests that Kitty, Kurt and Rachel phase directly together to see what Meggan sees. As they phase into one another, they find that they merge into one being. Kurt, speaking through Meggan, realises that Merlyn and Roma manipulated them together so that they could form one being, with sufficient power to stop the convergence. As they merge, their minds linked, Excalibur intuitively know how to stop the convergence. As they rise to meet Necrom, moving through the different layers of reality, they disappear before Alistaire’s eyes.

On Otherworld, Merlyn finally explains his plans to Roma, for a gambit extending back to when Merlyn was only a student of magic, a student of Necrom. The original Feron was also a student of Necrom, and it was Necrom who discovered the energy matrix and the doorways to other dimensions. On the moment that the realities aligned, Feron caused the Phoenix to project the tower across time, which would later become Excalibur’s lighthouse. At that moment, Necrom also attacked Feron, attempting to collapse all realities into one, and absorb the energy, which would make him omnipotent. But Feron had the Phoenix force on his side, and fought off Necrom while Merlyn leapt into the matrix. Instead of killing Feron, Necrom ripped the Phoenix force from him and left him powerless. He released part of the Phoenix force, but used the rest, along with some life energy, to create the anti-Phoenix, before Necrom went into the multiverse to prepare. While Feron spent the rest of his life awaiting the anti-Phoenix, before putting his power into the earth, Merlyn had harnessed the matrix, and used its power to create Otherworld, and found the Captain Britain Corps to police the multiverse and aid in the hunt for Necrom.

Back on Earth, Kylun pursues Necrom to the lighthouse. As he flings open the door, he sees Sa’tneen waiting for him. But he knows that she has died, and flings his sword back, catching the side of Necrom’s head, causing Sa’tneen’s body to collapse. Necrom staggers back, and Kylun realises that Necrom has been drained in the battle, and that he is vulnerable to his enchanted swords. He goes for the kill, but Necrom rises through the multiverse, realising Excalibur, along with the Phoenix force, have left for Otherworld. As Necrom fades, Kylun finally collapses in grief, cradling Sa’tneen’s body.

On Otherworld, Excalibur arrive, having halted the convergence, and soon, they unmerge, returning to their individual selves. As Brian squeezes out of the version of the tower here, Necrom appears above them. Rachel prepares to fight, and although Kurt tries to stop her, she is determined to protect her friends at any cost, including losing her memory again by reawakening the Phoenix force inside her. As the Aura flares around her, she blasts Necrom, but he hits back, sending her crashing to the ground. Brian knocks Necrom back, but Necrom prepares to absorb Excalibur’s lives. But Rachel shears off his life absorbing hand, and in pain, Necrom sends a burst of energy across Otherworld. To protect their inhabitants, Rachel opens a stargate across time and space to a dead world, and Necrom, desperate for the Phoenix force, follows. She collapses the dead city on top of him, and closes in to finish him off. In reponse, Necrom detonates the core of the planet, just missing annihilating Rachel completely. She flees, as Necrom throws a moon at her, before using the energy of the planet’s detonation to create a star. The gravity starts to drag Rachel in, but Rachel quickly learns how to counter it. She directs a solar flare at Necrom, who sends the star supernova and destroys that solar system. She flies at Necrom, changing tactic to direct attack. Necrom grabs her, and tries to absorb her energy. But this was Rachel’s plan, to prevent Necrom doing any further damage, and so she overwhelms him with the full force of all the fundamental forces at the Phoenix’s disposal, obliterating him entirely. The blast knocks Rachel out, and she drifts through space before vanishing, and reappearing on Otherworld in front of Excalibur. Kurt checks her over, and while she shows no obvious injury, her breathing is shallow. Kitty also notices that the original Phoenix costume has emerged. Before they can do any further checks, Roma and Merlyn appear; Roma having brought her back to Otherworld, but as the Phoenix shields Rachel, she doesn’t know what’s wrong. Merlyn tells Excalibur about the gambit, and smugly tells them that he expected 2 of them to die, not just the one. As they react angrily, he turns away from them, and Meggan grabs Brian’s hand, directing the energy stored in his newfound bulk at the tower. A small crack appears as Brian returns to normal, and the crack spreads, before across the multiverse, the tower collapses. As Merlyn turns back, he realises what they have done. Brian tells him that the knowledge he gave them, as part of his gambit, was meant for them to protect the tower, and therefore his power source. But they used that knowledge in a way he never expected, to destroy the tower. At first, he tries to destroy them, but Roma stops him. He realises that he needs to conserve energy now, and teleports away. Roma then returns them home.

They arrive, at Braddock Manor, where Alistaire, Dai, Miss Witherspoon and the rest of Excalibur have just arrived. As they set up their new base in the manor, they walk over the tiled floor, with Brian announcing that they’re nobody’s pawns now. From above however, they appear to be walking over a chess board…

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