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Synopsis for "The Litter"

In Braddock Manor, Meggan is pursued down the corridor by Brian, who’s trying to stop her looking at an old family photo album. As she soars out of a window, he catches her, and they tumble into a tree. Before Brian can stop her, she opens the photo album, and begins to flick through it. She finds a picture of young Brian and his sister Betsy on their first day of school, before Brian snatches the album from her hands. However, the old and overstuffed photo album lets one photo tumble into Meggan’s grasp. Brian is pictured with two others, a man and woman. As Meggan asks who they are, Brian reveals that the woman is Mary Jane, and the man is Peter Parker, his former roommate in the USA.

Years ago, in the USA, Spider-Man takes on a group of thugs, using his athletic prowess to knock them out. As soon as he’s finished, Captain Britain arrives, and begins questioning him on the ins and outs of being a superhero. Spider-Man sighs, and makes Captain Britain take the thugs to the Police on his behalf.

Back at the apartment, Brian returns, to find his roommate still awake, blissfully unaware that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Peter reprimands him over his untidy habits. Brian asks him how much money it would cost to get a maid, but Peter shakes his head and storms out of the room. The next day, in a café, Brian is struggling to order a brandy in the afternoon. Mary Jane is concerned about his drinking, but she is interrupted by the loud conversation in the next booth, containing foreign exchange students being rude about New York. Despite Peter’s insistence to leave them, Brian insists on trying to teach them the error of their ways. Standing, one of the group challenges him to a fight, which he agrees to, before the foreign exchange students are kicked out of the café by the owner. As Peter takes Mary Jane home, Brian makes his way to a bar, and proceeds to get quite drunk.

Later that night, on the roof of the Chrysler Building, Captain Britain arrives late to his meeting with Spider-Man. Spider-Man asks him if he has anything he would like to talk about. Embarrassed about asking Spider-Man, who makes it look so easy, about the difficulties of being a hero, mean Captain Britain remains silent. As he flies from the roof, Spider-Man watches him go, understanding the difficulty at adjusting to being a superhero. As Captain Britain flies unsteadily, Spider-Man tries to make him go home, but he refuses. Seeing a robbery of a bio-tech lab, Captain Britain goes into action, without realizing the robbers are the foreign exchange students due to his inebriation. As he attacks, the students begin to change, twisting into new shapes, becoming humanoid dogs. They call themselves ‘The Litter’, and attack as one. They plan to genetically alter humans into becoming like them, as they believe themselves to be the superior species. Soon, Spider-Man arrives and joins in the fray. Trying to prove himself, he hits one of the Litter, Basenji, too hard, and they crash into a wall and revert back to being human. The fight stops immediately, and Spider-Man calls for an ambulance. Captain Britain, ashamed, flies away into the night.

Brian wanders the city for hours, returning to the flat in the early hours. As he arrives, he finds Peter waiting for him, with his bags fully packed. Peter finally tells him what he has wanted to all this time. Peter tells him that he has a drinking problem, and doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. The words sink into Brian, and on his arrival in London, he changes his ways, and pays for all of Basenji’s medical bills and therapy for a badly sprained back. It started him on the way to becoming a true hero, not in the sense of his powers, but in the way he acts instead.


  • The majority of this issue is a flashback.

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