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Synopsis for ""Curiouser and Curiouser""

In Braddock Manor, on a dark night, Kurt sweats in panic as a gloved hand reaches for a pair of sharp looking scissors. He screams out as the scissors begin their work. Soon, it is over, and Kurt opens his eyes. Kitty has removed his cast, and he begins to scratch an itch he hasn’t been able to reach for ages. As Kitty checks over his leg, she decides it’s fully healed, and Kurt gingerly tests it by standing up, before cartwheeling across the room. As he lands awkwardly, he decides he is out of practice. Kitty tells him to take it easy, but Kurt disagrees, telling her he is leaving for Germany to help Jean Grey within the hour. She asks if she can come, but he tells her that it is personal, before asking her why she isn’t helping Alistaire with Widget. She sighs, still depressed about the Phoenix Force taking Rachel away, and Dai Thomas summoning the rest of Excalibur on a missing persons’ case…

In an underground cave, Captain Britain fights for his life against a group of enormous animals, from rats and crabs to eagles and dodos. He lets his full power loose, but even that can’t stop it as they turn on him and pounce as one. The impact pushes him through the floor into another chamber, filled with water. As he dives underneath, he sees a giant plug, that he decides to pull. He is whisked out of the chamber, and finds himself being poured out of a giant teapot and onto the ground. As he splutters, he sees a daisy with a smiling face looking up at him, speaking in rhyme. It sprays him with pollen, and he falls into a deep sleep, where he starts to remember how they arrived…

Hours earlier, in a picturesque country village, the entire population, of 27 pensioners, have disappeared, food still warm, TVs still on. Meggan can sense something, that they wanted to go. She shifts into a white rabbit to track them, and Captain Britain, Kylun and Cerise chase her, as Cerise detects a psychic signal luring Meggan in. As she dives down a rabbit hole, Captain Britain follows, finding himself in the cave. As his memory catches up with him, he wakes up, finding the daisies have grown around him and now hold him tight. In the distance, he spots Meggan, looking like Alice, skipping off with the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse. As he tries to break free, a smile materialises next to him, followed by the Cheshire Cat, that begins to psychoanalyse him. The daisies curl tighter, but he bursts free, and socks the cat on the jaw, knocking it unconscious to the floor. As he flies after Meggan, he sees Kylun fishing with the Mock Turtle, and Cerise playing Croquet with a flamingo. Then, in the distance, he spies Tweedledope of the Crazy Gang. He follows him at a distance, wondering how the Crazy Gang have managed to create this huge Alice in Wonderland themed world, as none of them have the power or money to do so. In the distance, he sees the tea party, with the villagers also dressed up like characters from the novel. He soars in, throwing the Crazy Gang away from Meggan. They try to stop him, saying they have committed no crime, but Brian counters by saying that they are kidnappers. Meggan shouts at him to stop, saying that talking to him is like talking to a brick wall, which appears between him and the Crazy Gang. Meggan explains that they were having a party, and that in this land, subconscious desires become reality, like Meggan generating the brick wall. When Brian asks why he was attacked, Meggan explains that subconsciously, he must have expected a fight and so the land provided one. But Brian still doesn’t understand how this world is possible. Meggan leads him to a secluded corner, where, surrounded by a unicorn and a swan, Joyboy is nestled in the arms of the Red Queen. As Joyboy turns people’s desires into nightmares in reality, and the Red Queen only dreams nightmares, her nightmares are cancelled out by Joyboy, who creates a dream world instead. As they return to the party, the villagers tell Brian that they wanted to be there, and they can come and sort out the misunderstanding, as long as Excalibur don’t reveal the Crazy Gang and their world, to which Brian agrees. However, the Cat has got to Brian, and he decides he has to see Betsy.

Meanwhile, back at the Manor, Alistaire, Lockheed and Kitty examine Widget. Suddenly, circles begin to appear in Widget’s ethereal body, and Lockheed cries out in alarm. As the circles gain colour, Widget moves, screaming at Kitty to look out, before disappearing in a flash. As they look at the crater Widget has left, Alistaire wonders aloud. Has Widget disintegrated, or merely teleported…?


Kurt’s trip to Germany is covered in Marvel comics presents 101-108

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