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Synopsis for ""Things That Go Shriek in the Night""

Sat-yr-9, former dictator of Earth-794, stands, her hand on a globe, and explains how she killed and replaced Courtney Ross. Her minions, formally Vixen’s, tell her the Earth will soon be hers, apart from one, who is forced to tell her that Kitty has escaped. While Jamie uses the rest of Excalibur as playthings, Nigel complains about how Courtney uses Brian as her personal servant. She strikes Nigel in response, and leaves the room. She walks past a painting, that turns its head to watch her. As Kitty phases back into the wall cavity, she collapses, the injury Jamie inflicted still hurting her. She struggles to comprehend that the Courtney she knew is dead, and replaced by a dictator from another universe. As the pain grows, she collapses.

Hours later, Sat-yr-9’s minions report back to Nigel. They’ve found no trace of Kitty Pryde. As Nigel goes to report to Jamie, he sees him asleep, surrounded by Excalibur and their guests, warped into strange forms plucked from Jamie’s imagination. As one of the guards remarks upon the fox asleep on Jamie’s lap, Nigel changes into Vixen, the woman he impersonated to take control of her gang for Sat-yr-9. As they leave to search, Psylocke, despite her body being warped, reaches out to Brian with her mind, and manages to overcome the Sat-yr-9’s psychic barriers due to their strong bond as twins. Brian tells her all about Sat-yr-9, from her downfall as dictator due to Captain UK, and then her imprisonment and subsequent escape due to Widget accidentally teleporting a wannabe space explorer in, all the way to her murder and replacement of Courtney Ross. As Brian explains how she siphoned off money to build a private army using Vixen’s men, Jamie also appears in Brian’s mind, dragging Psylocke out and warping her body further.

Psylocke’s screams wake Kitty, who slips out into the corridor. As she rounds a corner, she finds two guards. One fires a net, that she prepares to phase through before realising that Sat-yr-9 knows her abilities. She rolls under it, and kicks and punches the guards until they drop unconscious to the floor. She picks up their weapons; a gun loaded with stun pellets and a scanner detecting all life apart from Sat-yr-9’s troops. Kitty borrows a uniform, and gets to work.

Upstairs, Nigel Frobisher prepares to kill Brian, but is interrupted by Sat-yr-9. He tells her he’s taking over, and is about to shoot her with the mind controlling pellets before she begins to seduce him. As she wraps her arms around him, she grabs his knife and rams it into his chest, as he drops to the floor lifeless.

Meanwhile, back by Jamie’s room, the guards look in horror at what Jamie is doing to Excalibur. As they turn, they see the silhouette of a woman walking towards them, and assume it’s Sat-yr-9, before realising her feet don’t touch the floor. Kitty flings off her helmet and attacks, rolling under the net and phasing through the bullets, before using the stun bullets to stop the guards. She approaches Jamie, and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t reverse what he’s done. But she gets too close, and he manages to grab and manipulate the cosmic strings that make her up. Meggan shouts at him to stop, but Jamie just shouts back, calling her a dream. Meggan insists that it’s reality, but he ignores her, and tries to manipulate her further. As he pulls at the strings, Meggan transforms into her true form, telling Jamie that as a shapeshifter, she is not bound by the strings he sees. Only due to her being an empath did it seem as though she was under his spell. But now Meggan knows Jamie can’t affect her. She starts hitting him, punching him in the face again and again until he turns back her friends to normal. As she continues, they return to their normal forms. But Meggan doesn’t stop, continuing to hit him until Brian, still being controlled by Sat-yr-9, hits her in the back. She orders him to kill Meggan but he freezes, before he snaps out of her control. As Sat-yr-9 realises she has lost control, she opens fire, but Cerise throws up a shield. Excalibur swing into action, and although they are still weak, they manage to engage the guards at close quarters and take them down. Kitty lays into Sat-yr-9, before pointing her gun at her. Sat-yr-9 tries to persuade her that she’s still Courtney Ross, but Kitty fires the sleeping pellets at her anyway. In the middle of the fight, Meggan is grabbed by Jamie, who asks her if the knife he has is real enough. But he is holding a banana, and Psylocke stabs him with her psychic blade instead. Kitty throws her to the floor just as Jamie releases a wave of energy before collapsing. Sat-yr-9’s minions crash their shuttle into the room, and succeed in evacuating her and Jamie. Brian flies after them, damaging their shuttle, but not enough before it escapes. Meggan catches him, and Excalibur watch as the shuttle flees into the night.

9 days later, at a church in Scotland, Alistaire kneels by the grave of his sister, and rants about the inquest. It decided his sister committed suicide, and was rigged from the start. As Kitty comforts him, they are approached by Colonel Fury, who confirms that Alysdane was framed, and the information that was leaked was decades out of date. He gives Alistaire data on the source of the leak, leaving it up to him to find who framed his sister.

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