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Synopsis for "Troll Call"

In the dark sewers under London, Feron and Cerise tend to Meggan, trying to transform her back to her normal self. Feron tells her he’s almost finished, though Cerise reminds him that he’s been saying that for almost an hour. Feron then whispers quietly that he failed basic alchemy…

As the assembled mutants recover from the explosion, they find themselves wrapped in chains. They all try using their powers to escape, but find the chains cancel out their powers. Suddenly, a door swings open, and the assembled members of the Troll Associates enter the room. Enraged at being captured, Wolverine’s claws break through the chains, and he dives at their advisor, a wizened old man named Phelix. But as he dives, Alchemy, or Tom Jones, blocks his way, and transforms his adamantium claws to rubber. Then one of the trolls knocks Wolverine across the room. As one of the trolls gloats, Jubilee shouts at him, before Nightcrawler warns the trolls that she is distracting them so Cyclops can radio for help. As Cyclops shakes his head sadly, the trolls take away his hidden radio. Gambit and Jubilee call Nightcrawler a traitor as he tells the trolls he has always been treated as an outsider due to his appearance, and wishes to join them. Phelix accepts this, and as Nightcrawler is released, Wolverine is restrained in his place.

Later, in the great hall, the assembled members of the Troll Associates watch as Phough, their leader, addresses the crowd, telling them that with Alchemy’s powers and Nightcrawler’s knowledge of the various mutant teams’ strategies, the time for their world domination is at hand. At that moment, the troll guards sense something in the scrying pool. As Feron and Cerise enter the room, with the golden statues in tow, the trolls order Nightcrawler to prove his loyalty to their cause. He agrees, and dives at Cerise. As he hits her, he tells her to play dead, before jumping on Feron. He teleports away with him, making the trolls believe he is dead, destroyed by Feron.

Back in the dungeon, Gambit still rages about Nightcrawler’s betrayal. Kitty and Cyclops try to assure him that he isn’t a traitor, but it is of no use. Then, there is a voice in the darkness. Nightcrawler and Feron emerge, and Nightcrawler explains that as Cyclops’ reinforcements would have arrived too late, he knew he had to act. He briefly introduces them to Feron, who he tells to start undoing the mystic chains that bind the mutants.

Back in the great hall, Phough’s speech continues, telling the trolls that the humans want them dead. Nightcrawler teleports into the room, calling Phough a liar. Phelix senses he speaks the truth, but Phough strikes him before he can say any more. He calls them both traitors, and continues to address the crowd. Then Nightcrawler challenges him to a duel, but Phough laughs it off. But Nightcrawler convinces the crowd into making Phough fight. As Nightcrawler attacks, he tells Phough he is sick of him casting dispersions on all of humanity for a few bad apples. As the fight continues, one of Phough’s lieutenants grows bored, and throws an axe at Nightcrawler. But as the X-men enter the room, Cyclops destroys it with an optic blast. As the mutants engage the trolls, Psylocke mindlinks with Phelix, and together, they use their psychic ability to direct their allies in battle. Feron throws up a barrier to protect the innocent trolls who don’t support Phough and his gang, while Rogue defends Cerise from another troll.

Meanwhile, Alchemy dashes up a flight of stairs in an attempt to rescue his mother. As the guards try to stop him, he turns them into gold. But Phough notices, and tries to kill Tom’s mother, but Nightcrawler teleports her away in the nick of time. Phough dives for Nightcrawler, but Alchemy manages to catch him and turn him too to gold. As the team celebrate, Alchemy approaches the statues, and now thoroughly understanding how, he transforms Captain Britain, Meggan and the policemen back to normal. After Cerise kisses Nightcrawler, Cyclops pulls him away, telling him that Excalibur and the X-men need to have better communication. Then Phelix approaches them, and asks what they will do with himself and all the trolls. Nightcrawler suddenly has an idea. The trolls are put into the care of the crazy gang and their wonderland, where they can live in peace away from humanity.

Solicit Synopsis

Guest-starring the X-Men! The second arc of the Excalibur bi-weeklies concludes! The Trolls, freed last issue, are now after Alchemy and it's up to Excalibur and the X-Men to save the day.

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