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Appearing in "Enter...The Panther"

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Synopsis for "Enter...The Panther"

Shadowcat spends some time resting by the water and sun-bathing with Lockheed. Shadowcat remarks that it is nice to get away from having to fight battles and just have some time to herself since she sneaked onto Brian's plane to take a vacation. A shadowed man crouches behind some reeds and thinks that Shadowcat is harmless enough and the dragon is "wonky" so it decides to let them live. Shadowcat thinks she hears someone and she turns to see that there is nothing there.

Captain Britain and Meggan stand at the edge of a volcano. Meggan is a little frightened as the Wakandans chant and dance around them. Then a being rises out of the volcano. It is the T'Challa, the Black Panther. He greets them both and thanks Brian for coming in his brother, Jamie's place. He takes them down into the volcano, which turns out to be a huge laboratory. He tells them that he was working with Braddock Industries on building something that would change Wakanda. They make it past the labs and into a jungle setting and T'Challa says he also has other people that are joining them as well, Iron Man and Captain America.

Meanwhile, Cerise is getting her first lesson in makeup. She prepares for her date with Nightcrawler. She suddenly screams out and Kurt teleports there and asks what has happened. She says the lipstick tastes horrible. He laughs and applies it correctly. He tells her that she will love the opera they are attending and they get up to leave.

In Wakanda, the group toasts drinks around a huge table. Meggan greets Iron Man. He says he does not know her and she plays it off as his not wanting to be known that he is Tony Stark. Little does she know that it is really James Rhodes under the suit and Captain America also houses concerns that it is not Tony Stark under the suit. They are joined by other diplomats from the US. T'Challa explains that with Tony Stark's and Braddock Industries backings they have built a containment unit that could house all wastes that cannot be disposed. It is made out of vibranium and would help boost the economy of Wakanda since they have the corner on vibranium. The same being that hid from Shadowcat appears in the shadows at this gathering as well. He thinks to himself how he will take over the party and kick T'Challa from his throne.

The party begins and T'Challa brings the Americans pizza as the dinner. All are surprised by this gesture by their host since they were expecting some sort of African delicacy. One of the servers falls to the ground and begins to scream while grabbing her head. She remarks that her head feels like it is splitting in two. Suddenly, it does and she rises up revealing her head is made out of wood. The heroes stand and find that all their waiters have turned into replicas of the ceremonial dancers. One of them stands up and announces that they are the embodiment of the Wakandan people and his name is Icon. T'Challa recognizes his voice as Dr. U'Mbaya.

In England, Cerise cries during the opening scenes of the opera. A waiter walks to them in the box-seats and tells them that the gentleman on the other side of the theater has bought them both drinks. Nightcrawler looks and sees that the man is a supposed arms dealer named Raleigh Chamberlain. The man lifts his glass to Nightcrawler and then there is a strange blast that knocks a woman from the balcony. Nightcrawler saves her and he and Cerise find that the blast came from the Knight Errant. He breaks out of the opera house and flies off. Cerise and Nightcrawler decide to go after him.

In Wakanda, Icon says that he controls his "minions". He says that he will order them to destroy their wooden bodies in attacking the heroes. He says that their blood and splinters will be on the heroes hands. He tells T'Challa that he must abdicate his throne. T'Challa decides that this is too much for the ones without powers and he puts Meggan and Brian in the containment unit to be safe, since he does not realize that they are superheroes as well. Shadowcat phases through the ground and finds them inside. Outside, Shadowcat helps the team and says that the "New Excalibur" is ready to take down Icon. Icon remarks that he picks this day to attack since all the heroes are gathered in one place.

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