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Quote1.png Much thanks, Star Forehead Man...out of respect, me now called -- Captain Wakanda! Quote2.png
-- "Jungle Man"

Appearing in "Braddock of the Jungle"

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Synopsis for "Braddock of the Jungle"

As Icon’s creatures surround them, Kitty tells Icon that he will never defeat the forces of Excalibur, but he merely laughs at them. As they prepare to fight, Meggan makes Captain America stop. More of Icon’s creatures appear, armed and pointing their guns at their brethren. While the rest of the team are prepared to fight, Black Panther will not harm any of his own people and so surrenders to Icon.

Meanwhile, inside the instant shelter, Brian tries punching his way through to try and help his friends. But every time he punches, he slips back through the soft mud. As he slides down to the floor, he has an idea.

Back in London, Cerise and Nightcrawler soar over London, in pursuit of the elderly attacker from earlier. Despite Cerise’s sensors registering nothing, Nightcrawler spies a disturbance below. He teleports them both to the ground, where they find people fleeing from a bar, raving about an armed elderly man in armour. As they enter the bar, Cerise suggests he might be lost in time, but Nightcrawler disagrees, as his knowledge of technology is too accurate for that to be the case. Inside, the old man holds a man above his head, ordering him to reveal his secrets to himself, The Knight Errant.

Back in Wakanda, Brian pulls himself out of the mud, having tunnelled out of the instant shelter. Back at the conference, Icon announces his first act as leader is too eliminate all the foreigners in the country, leading to him pointing a gun at Kitty. Kitty compares him to a Nazi, before she pulls the trigger in the direction of Iron Man. In response, Icon grabs Meggan, and holds her hostage.

Back in London, Nightcrawler teleports and dives towards The Knight Errant, who turns and easily knocks him away. Cerise breaks his fall, and The Knight Errant, watching, tells them that their spells are of no use, as he dedicates himself to science. As he whistles, a mechanical, hovering transport, modelled on a horse, arrives. He leaps on, and grabs a lance held there. He points it towards Cerise and Nightcrawler, and opens fire, and they barely dodge the burst of psionic energy. Nightcrawler tries to talk him down, telling him he is suffering from delusions. But the Knight merely smiles, and points to the wall behind them, not blown apart and revealing the secrets behind…

In Wakanda, Brian makes his entrance, calling himself Jungle Man, and shouting at Icon to let Meggan go. Meanwhile, Iron Man’s sensors are analysing the pulse from the weapons. Despite the assembled heroes being dubious over the true identity of Jungle Man, Captain America throws his shield at Icon, giving Brian time to grab onto a vine, and swing past, and grab Meggan. As they land next to the other heroes, Icon orders his creatures to attack.

In London. Dai Thomas shouts at Nightcrawler and Cerise as he finds that they let the Knight Errant go. Nightcrawler explains that the Knight was doing good all along, having found a nuclear warhead secreted behind the wall of the bar. Dai shakes his head and walks off into the rain.

Down the road, in the Eden Park care home, a care assistant goes into Mr Matson’s room after hearing a loud noise. Mr Matson is having trouble closing his window, and so the care assistant duly closes it. As he leaves, he reminds Mr Matson that though he is a millionaire industrialist, he can still ask for help. As the assistant leaves, Matson looks outside the window, to see his hover transport secreted in the bushes…

Icon’s creatures open fire, and as Brian fights, he realises that his powers don’t seem to be working. He can’t fly, and though he still has some super strength, it isn’t at its fullest. As Iron Man’s sensors finish their work, he broadcasts a sonic signal that destroys Icon’s weapons. Icon screams and collapses to the floor, gibbering that he has failed. As they watch, he tells them his ability to transform people only lasts an hour, and he transforms back into human form. Black Panther recognises him as Dr A’Kurru, a brilliant Wakandan geneticist whose daughter died after toxic waste poisoning dumped by foreigners. As Black panther carries him away, they vow to make the meeting a success, so they can find a way to break down toxic waste safely.


  • The cover is an homage to the cover by Frank Frazetta of the 1974 Ace edition of "The Mucker" paperback by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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