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Quote1 Who is the greater evil, Starchilde... I, the devourer of life that has run its course... or you, who denies existence to generations of the future? Quote2

Appearing in "Truth and Consequence"

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Synopsis for "Truth and Consequence"

In space, the body of Rachel summers glides on the Phoenix aura, as the Phoenix force continues to rebuild her body and mind. Suddenly, her eyes open, as the Phoenix force takes control. It glides across new planets, past recently born stars, before selecting one, where it glides above the oceans, watching the multitude of life present. In the distance, a dark cloud rises, obscuring the sunrise. As it flies closer, the Phoenix Force sees a machine is the source of the disturbance, as it eats through to the planet’s core. It recognises the handiwork. Galactus! It flies to him, telling him that the planet bears life, that he must stop. But he refuses, and in response, it shatters the containment device, blowing his machine apart. Angrily, Galactus challenges the Phoenix to fight.

Back on Earth, Excalibur train in the caves underneath Braddock manor. Shielded by Cerise, Nightcrawler and Captain Britain fight. As Captain Britain kicks out, Nightcrawler grabs his leg and throws him to the floor. He gloats, telling him he is an easy target on the floor. But Captain Britain catches his punch, and drives one of his own into Nightcrawler’s side. In response, Nightcrawler grabs Captain Britain and throws him, before delivering an uppercut to Captain Britain’s chin. As he collapses to the floor, Meggan rushes to his aid, as Nightcrawler asks Cerise what happened. Cerise is confused, saying that the blow was well within his tolerance levels. As Captain Britain gets up, Meggan asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that he hasn’t slept well recently, having been obsessed with finding Sat-yr-9, saying that nothing else matters. She reacts angrily, flying from the room. Nightcrawler explains to Captain Britain that he needs to spend more time with Meggan, and show his love for her more often. He asks him if catching Sat-yr-9 is worth more to him than Meggan. Captain Britain stares at him in silence…

In London, at the BBC offices of Radio 1, their top DJ, Scott Wright, leaves for his car. On the way, he is met by his new chauffeur, a woman he finds extremely attractive. As they enter the carpark, the lights go out, but the chauffeur tells him it must be a short circuit. As they reach the door, the chauffeur tells him he is about to be a bit tied up. Fibres grab him from behind, and begin to bind him as the chauffeur transforms into a creature, telling him he shouldn’t have ignored Mr Orpington-Smythe’s invitation. He counters, telling them they don’t know who they are dealing with. He swells in size, announcing himself as Micromax. But they already know, and as two more attackers arrive, they each put a hand on his leg, and stun him with an electric shock. As he falls unconscious, his attackers bundle him into the car… In the Mastermind computer cavern under Braddock Manor, Kitty investigates why the computer has ceased to work. She asks Feron to run some cables over to the terminals, but he refuses, saying the task is beneath him. As they argue, Widget appears, warning that Sentinels are massing and that mutants are doomed. He vanishes, and as Kitty goes to tell Kurt, she orders Lockheed to scorch Feron if he doesn’t start connecting up the terminals.

On the south coast of England, at the Braddock family’s summer cottage, Meggan and Brian swim in the ocean. As they return to shore, Meggan wishes that they could stay for longer. But Brian reminds them of their obligations, having only recently fully accepted the mantle of Captain Britain. He has accepted himself, and as he draws a box from his bag, he asks Meggan to accept him, by becoming his wife. She hugs him, saying yes. From the cliffs above, someone watches them through a lens, telling them that there will be no happy ending.

Back in space, Phoenix and Galactus’s battle reaches its climax. As Galactus stumbles to the ground, Phoenix orders him to renounce his ways, but Galactus calls it a hypocrite; that she is responsible for the same magnitude of killing as him. He tells it that he prefers to feed on dead worlds, but that the Phoenix Force feeds on life itself. It disagrees, saying that the Phoenix Force is life personified. But he tells it that the universe is finite, and that while the Phoenix force can be sustained through the cycle of life, sustaining itself as a sentient being costs the energy of life that is yet to come. As the Phoenix realises in horror what it has done, it flees into space, as Galactus rebuilds his machine and continues to feed. On earth, the telephone rings in the kitchen of Braddock Manor. Kitty answers, to find a nervous Alistaire on the other end of the line. He tells her that he has found the people who framed his sister. They are the R.C.X, and they are based under a derelict church, St Oswald’s, in Liverpool. But he has been found, and the line goes dead as Alistaire is struck by a hooved assailant, and he collapses to the floor…

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