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Quote1.png My true nature is without form, touching all that lives with neither feeling or awareness. And if the universe is to be free of the cancer I have become... I must be so again. Quote2.png
Phoenix Force

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Synopsis for "Ascension"

Rachel Summers relives her life as it flashes before her eyes, from her birth to the murder of the X-men and her capture by Professor X. She follows her memory when she travelled into the past, meeting the X-men again, being captured by Mojo, and then finding Excalibur before defeating Necrom, and then she opens her eyes once more. She is confused, thinking that she had died, and thinking Necrom should still be in front of her. Then a voice speaks in her mind, telling her that Necrom is dead. As it talks, it emerges from her, taking the form of Jean Grey. It tells her about its true form, as a force that touches every life without knowing or feeling, and that it must be so again…

On the south coast of England, Captain Britain and Meggan fight the Cherubim. As he lands a blow on Quill, Ac/Dc, two twins with complementary electric powers, try to shock him, but he levitates to prevent being earthed, and knocks their head together, as Giggles obscures his vision with strobe lights. Meanwhile, Meggan swells her form to try and escape the fibres of Fern, before headbutting her and escaping. She knocks Giggles away from Captain Britain, but the lights have convinced Captain Britain that Meggan is the monstrous cyborg The Fury, and he knocks her to the ground before his vision clears and he realises what he has done. But he can’t stop fighting, and so he dives at Lump, before his flight powers cut out in mid-air and he drops to the ground, before Quill knocks him out.

Back at Cloud 9, the video report of their capture concludes, and Nigel Orpington Smythe thanks his observation Warpy, Snoop. As Snoop leaves, he asks a technician, Mr Jordan, if his power loss was caused by the destabilisation that is affecting the Warpies. But the samples they have taken are inconclusive, and Mr Jordan tells Nigel to ask Nicholas. But Nigel refuses, saying that Nicholas is too much of a risk, despite being the expert on the matter.

In Cloud 9’s research facilities, the assembled Warpies cheer as Kurt finishes his medical exam. As they filter off to bed, Nightcrawler talks to Nicholas about the destabilisation. Nicholas tells him that Nigel believes it is some form of enemy attack. Kitty asks why Kurt is being affected if he wasn’t originally at the facility, to which Nicholas suggests that Kurt may be recovering, as the symptoms are intermittent and the tests all gave normal results. Kitty asks Nicholas’s permission to run a simulation in the simulation room, to which he agrees. Followed by Static, who inhibits her power, she begins the program. A flash disorientates Static as Kitty hides, and the program generates a virtual version of her which Static begins to follow instead. Kitty phases into the ducting in the room, to see what she can find.

Back at Braddock Manor, Feron complains that he has never had to cook before, while Lockheed reminds him of the list of tasks he is yet to achieve. Suddenly, Widget appears in the house, more stable this time, shouting about Rachel before disappearing. Feron and Lockheed flee from the room, deciding to do tasks outside…

In Cloud 9, Brian awakes to find himself strapped to a number of machines. He rips off the devices and charges at Nigel, who points him to Meggan, who lies unconscious in another device. Nigel takes pleasure in telling him that he is responsible, but it only makes him angrier, as he remembers that the Cherubim tricked him into attacking her. As he turns back to Nigel, Nigel summons the Advocates, and reminds him his powers are fading. Brian thinks Nigel is responsible, but he tells Brian that a common enemy is responsible. As he lists various parahumans, from Motormouth to The Knights of Pendragon, he tells Brian that they must be held responsible. He continues, saying that the unknown parahumans who are killing the Warpies must be stopped, and that Meggan’s condition is partly caused by her weakening due to it. As Brian asks how he can help, Kitty shakes her head sadly in the vents. She knows Peter is manipulating all of Excalibur, with a plausible story, but she can’t put her finger on what he’s hiding. Suddenly, she is shocked from behind, by a Warpy called ferret. He drags her through the ducting until he finds a corridor where another R.C.X agent, Luke, waits for him. He takes her off him, and sends Ferret to the arcade. Meanwhile, he takes her into another room, where Alistaire, Kylun, Micromax and Meggan are all held in suspended animation, with multiple tubes still available…

Kurt waits uneasily as Kitty takes too long to return from her quick spying mission. But then, to his relief, she returns, Static in tow. She tells him that Nigel is telling the truth, and that he is an all around good guy. Watching in his office, on a video screen, Nigel laughs as he watches Kurt accept her report…

In Space, the Phoenix Force tells Rachel that it must return to being just a Force, and not a sentient being. While Rachel will still have its power, and won’t harm the pool of life energy yet to come, it must go, as every moment is stays drains this wealth of energy, robbing future generations. As it bids her farewell, calling her the one true Phoenix, it transports her back to earth. As she looks down on the blue orb, Rachel feels clarity for the first time, as she experiences all her memories intact, with no programming by Ahab or false memories planted by the Phoenix to stop her. Now she finally knows who she is…

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