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Quote1.png The great Captain Britain! Humbly praying for the life of his idiot concubine. Desperate to atone for the injury he believes he has caused. Prepared to follow anyone who might lead him from his pit of guilt and misery. Pathetic, isn't he? But I will mold him. I will put iron in his spine. I will forge him into the true patriotic symbol or our great land. Quote2.png
Nigel Orpington-Smythe

Appearing in "White Lies, Dark Truths"

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Synopsis for "White Lies, Dark Truths"

Watching Brian sit by Meggan in the medical bay, Nigel swears he will make him in his image, make Captain Britain a symbol for him and his R.C.X. Luke asks him if they still need Nightcrawler. Nigel agrees he is useful, for the time at least. Suddenly, Aberdeen Angus storms through the door, telling them he is sick, before he collapses and begins to revert to human form. Nigel orders Luke to put him in stasis, while he dashes from the room, to prepare Brian so that his enemy will pay…

In the labs, Nicholas, Kurt, Kitty and Cerise continue to try and find a cure for the destabilisation. Kurt watches Kitty, until his suspicions are confirmed when he sees her nose change shape for an instant, realising that she has been replaced with a shape shifting Warpy. He knows that he and Cerise must take action, but not with their Warpy guards who inhibit their powers. He yawns loudly, and announces he and Cerise are going to bed. As Syphon shows them their rooms, Kurt enters the room with Cerise, and begins to kiss her as the door closes, as the two Warpies leave them to it. When the door shuts, Kurt explains his plan to her. He gets her to pick up Kitty on her sensors, and though she is initially confused, she tells him her precise location 3 floors beneath them, adding that most of Excalibur’s members are also there, unconscious. As Kurt explains about the imposter, he begins to fade into the background as his powers return. He tells her that the dimensional rifts constantly surround him, distorting light around him so that he appears to fade into the background. He tells her that he plans to teleport without seeing where he is going, to try and rescue the team. She asks him to take her, but he tries to dissuade her, telling her that he could materialise inside something. But she confesses her love for him, as he does in response, and as they kiss, he teleports them to the suspended animation chamber. They find the team, but also many other people that they don’t recognise….

On Otherworld, Roma and Saturnyne watch as the energy matrix collapses. Roma tells her that she will lose control of the Captain Britain Corps, and the multiverse, but Roma doesn’t care. She swears to avoid interfering in the affairs of man as Merlyn, her father, did, and so as she watches Captain Britain through the orb, she refuses to take action.

In Cloud 9, Nigel talks to Brian, telling him that although their powers are fading, he can be useful as a public liaison for R.C.X. Brian tells him that he has no interest in becoming a propaganda tool for Nigel and R.C.X. Nigel, in response, begins to rant about the former British empire, and how he intends to make Britain great again. Brian responds in kind, slamming his fist into the console as he shouts that he doesn’t care about politics, only Meggan. One of the Advocates exclaims that the panel controlled the hologram. As Meggan’s image fades, Brian lunges for Nigel, but he is pulled away by his Warpies, who engage Brian. He continues to fight, but with his reduced power, the Warpies have the upper hand. Nigel orders them to destroy him utterly, calling him a traitor who should be forgotten.

In the suspended animation room, Kurt and Cerise greet all the newly revived people. They recognise their team, but Alistaire is the only one who recognises the rest of them, as R.C.X agents. He recognises two in particular, Gabriel and Michael, who were responsible for hiding the Warpies beneath Braddock manor. They ask him what year it is, finding out that they have been suspended for 5 years, from 1988 to 1993. They explain that they hid the warpies to stop Nigel getting them, but the last they remember is a bomb exploding in the cavern under the manor. As Alistaire brings them up to speed, Kurt explains about the destabilisation. Meggan adds that Brian is losing his power, and that the aura that surrounds him and the Warpies is fading. As Kurt realises that it must have something to do with the destruction of the energy matrix, Michael and Gabriel tell them that they believe the matrix is responsible for the births of the warpies, aided by the Jaspers warp, making them not mutants. Kitty then remembers that she saw Nigel pressing a button as the alarm went off, and must have faked Kurt’s illness so that they would help him. There is no enemy agent, just the energy matrix fading. Kurt prepares to teleport to Brian, but finds his powers are blocked. They turn, finding a group of Warpies led by Luke, who orders them to surrender. But Kylun, who knows that they are innocent, scares off a large amount of the Warpies by reproducing the roar of an Ee’rathian Gn’Zgdagia, as his power is considered too insignificant to be blocked. As those Warpies flee, Luke shouts after them, but Nightcrawler shouts over the top of him, telling them to get to safety. As their powers return, the more indoctrinated Warpies attack. As they fight, Syphon, fleeing, comes across another group of Warpies and tells them what’s going on. They decide to help Excalibur win.

Back in the medical bay, Brian keeps getting knocked down, but getting back up again. Nigel orders Oak to finish him, and though he begs Nigel not to, Oak eventually hits Brian so hard that he stops moving. As Nigel is alerted to the fight by one of his loyal Warpies, Oak stands over the body of Brian, sorry for what he has done. As Pumice drags him away, Roma appears to him. She says that she can heal him, but then she would break her oath to stop interfering in his life. He says that he doesn’t mind her interfering this time, but asks what catch there is. She says there is no catch, and that she only wants to repay her debt to him for serving her and her father. She also tells him that his powers are fading due to the loss of the energy matrix, but that she has now finetuned his costume’s arcane circuitry to his metabolism, and that it will now absorb the arcane energy radiated by Britain itself and store it in the suit. She tells him that he has grown since she first knew him, before disappearing.

In the suspended animation chamber, Nightcrawler meets Silkworm, the tailor Warpy, who tells him that he has gathered a gang of Warpies fed up with Nigel to help them. As they enter the fray, Nightcrawler decides that he can’t let the innocent warpies be hurt for Nigel’s ends. He teleports to Nigel and grabs him, ordering him to make his Warpies stop. But Nigel had anticipated this, and fires a gun that saps Nightcrawler’s energy as the Nigel Nightcrawler had grabbed turns out to be Lump, a shapeshifting Warpy. But Nigel’s hand is crushed as Captain Britain rips the gun away from him. He orders his Warpies to help him, but they don’t, telling him that he lied to them, saying they would be heroes, but ending up as his thugs. Nigel tries in vain to attack Captain Britain, but as he rants about patriotism, Captain Britain grabs him, saying that Justice is what’s important. While Captain Britain wants to kill him, Nightcrawler tells him he will only become a martyr, which is what Nigel wants. As the Captain lets him down, Kurt knocks him out with an uppercut to the head, saying that he hates politicians. As Kitty wonders what to do with Cloud 9, Alistaire tells them that he will stay on with Gabriel and Michael to care for the Warpies, as most people at Cloud 9 were unaware of Nigel’s grab for power. They hear a rumbling, and then Rachel appears before them. As Excalibur embrace her, she tells them that she can’t stay. She remembers the future, and she has to go back to save it…

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  1. he is mentioned by name, but it is unsure which one of the countless unnamed Warpies he was
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