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Quote1.png We thought we were so clever defeating Ahab. But he only had a few Gamma and Delta Sentinels with him. The Omegas were all here. Slaughtering our friends. Quote2.png
Tangerine (Earth-811)

Appearing in ""Days of Futures Yet to Come""

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Synopsis for ""Days of Futures Yet to Come""

In an alternate 2015, Tangerine sees Camelot, the base of the British Mutant resistance R.C.X falling to the Sentinels, as heroes such as Union Jack, Motormouth and Death’s head are slaughtered by the main Sentinel force as they battled Ahab and his few Sentinels. The rest of the R.C.X, Resistance coordination executive, comfort her as their leader, Arthur, explains the situation, and tells how his reality’s Meggan and Captain Britain were killed during the Sentinel assault on Braddock manor. As he lifts up his helmet, he reveals himself to be an alternate Nigel Orpington-Smythe, and he quickly realises from Excalibur’s look that they don’t know him as an ally. He sadly tells them how he planned to attack the Sentinel base directly from Camelot, but how that is now doomed to failure. But Nightcrawler disagrees, telling him that a direct attack to destroy the Sentinel Hierarchy is now their only option.

Back in Manhattan, at the Sentinel Hive, the Sentinel Hierarchy orders that Widget is probed to find where to send the Sentinels throughout the multiverse. In the prison cell nearby, Rachel is trapped within a forcefield that uses her own energy against her. She spies Widget in the distance, and still can’t accept that Katherine Pryde’s consciousness inhabits it. She tries reaching out to her, and succeeds, falling into a network of electrical impulses with Katherine Pryde in the centre. Katherine explains that her consciousness became anchored in technology as the time warp healed, but it also made the Sentinels aware of other realities. She tells Rachel that she must stop them infecting the multiverse.

Flying over the Atlantic Ocean, Cerise flies the body of a Sentinel containing the R.C.X and Excalibur to Manhattan. From the body of the Sentinel, Kitty emerges in a new outfit, carrying one of Killpower’s guns. But she is interrupted as a Sentinel Patrol arrives. As one of the Sentinels asks why it is not responding, Kylun uses his ability to mimic its voice, and persuade the Sentinels that their Sentinel is malfunctioning. The Sentinels accept this and escort them to the Hive for repair.

In the Hive, Rachel, having left Katherine Pryde’s mind, manages to tap into the force field and absorb its energy. She destroys the two guard Sentinels as Katherine Pryde teleports them to the Hierarchy Chamber. It sets of the alarm, and tries to destroy them, but Rachel shields them both from its attack. As the Sentinels mobilise, Rachel forms a link with the Sentinel hierarchy mind.

As the mutants’ Sentinel lands, they find the Hive in a state of confusion as Rachel attacks the Hierarchy. Cerise uses the opportunity to destroy their escort, and fly the Sentinel straight into the forces massing outside the Hierarchy chamber. As Kitty phases them all, Cerise flies them inside while Killpower drops a grenade that damages many of the Sentinels. Killpower prepares to drop another on the Hierarchy, but Kurt tells him that a new Sentinel will take its place. As Excalibur and the R.C.X mount a defence of Rachel and Katherine, Rachel manages to break into the Sentinel Hierarchy’s mind. Feron and Nightcrawler attack, but as they destroy it and it falls towards them, they are saved by Kylun as he chops off the part that was about to crush them. As a clawed Sentinel swings its hand towards Meggan, Captain Britain throws her out of danger, but the hand stops in mid swing. All the Sentinels freeze as Rachel reprograms the Sentinels to protect all life. Ahab sneaks out from behind the Sentinels, and throws his spear at Rachel, but a Sentinel plucks his spear from mid air. As he teleports away, he once again vows to kill Rachel. Excalibur and the R.C.X celebrate at their victory, and Rachel tells Excalibur that she’s coming back with them to the future, her home.

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