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Synopsis for "Facades"

While travelling back from the Days Of Future Past, Captain Britain was lost in a temporal wave, leaving Meggan in a deep state of mourning, sitting under a waterfall in the grounds of Braddock Manor. Despite their efforts, the rest of Excalibur cannot communicate with her, even with Rachel Summer’s telepathic powers. Kitty Pryde struggles to deal with the breakdown of the team, reminding her of the loss of members of the X-Men. Feron tries to comfort her, and succeeds.

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler and his girlfriend, Cerise, fall out over the length of their own mourning for Bryan, leading to her flying away, upset. In the forest, Micromax and Kylun are training, watched by two unknown individuals. The unknown group begin to attack them, causing Excalibur to rush to their aid. The group are revealed to be the Starjammers, who want to arrest Cerise for war crimes against the Shi’ar Empire. A battle ensues, until Cerise herself stops the battle, handing herself in to the Starjammers. Nightcrawler refuses to believe, and begs Cerise to reconsider. As the Starjammers activate their Stargate, Excalibur follows, while Feron and Kitty Pryde remain to care for Meggan.

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