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Quote1.png I'm stuck in a movie, this is a fantasy! I refuse to accept any of it! Quote2.png
Kitty Pryde

Appearing in "Goblin Morn!"

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  • Unnamed gargoyle


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Synopsis for "Goblin Morn!"

Crotus discovers Rachel Summers, transformed into a bride shop mannequin

All hell breaks loose in Manhattan as the Inferno rages. Demons rule the skies, inanimate objects become animate and violent. The Empire State Building is still growing high into the sky. The demon Crotus walks the chaotic streets and suddenly stumbles across his heart's desire: Rachel Summers, standing in a shop-window, still transformed into a mannequin wearing a wedding dress. Nightcrawler, who fell from the Empire State Building's higher levels, lies unconscious in front of the shop. Crotus immediately decides to marry the plastic statue in an arcane ritual from the old Grimoires. He apparently recognizes Rachel and knows everything about the powers of the Phoenix and Madelyne Pryor. By binding Rachel, he hopes to become almighty himself.

Kurt Wagner is swallowed by a garbage truck

In the meanwhile, three teenagers who are hunted by demons seek refugee in the cinema. They are dragged into the same movie as Kitty Pryde, finding themselves trapped in Afghanistan. Kitty faces Captain Britain who wants to kill her as a penalty for challenging the Goblin Queen. He shoots at her with his rifle, but she phases and the bullets miss her. When she solidifies in order to kick him, he grabs her, but she can free herself and holds her knife to his throat. Captain Britain transforms into some kind of monster while Kitty's outfit changes into a cheerleader costume.

Kitty Pryde is haunted by The Custodian aka Brian Braddock

Outside, an animated garbage truck discovers the unconscious Nightcrawler, picks him up and devours him. Nightcrawler awakes in darkness, surrounded by some other trapped humans. One of them lights his cigarette lighter to see if the newcomer is wounded or if he needs help. The civilians panic when they see Nightcrawler's face, mistaking him for a demon. He tries to explain that he is a mutant, but this isn't very comforting, either. When the people start to beat him up, the fighting unsettles the garbage truck and it spits its passengers out. The humans run away, leaving Nightcrawler behind who cannot believe what he just experienced.

Starship Troopers vs. Mannequins

Kitty Pryde, still wearing the cheerleader costume, is hunted by the Custodian. She seeks cover in a kind of school, but gets hurt by the Custodian's claws. She is shocked when she realizes that his claws can hurt her even when she is phased.

In the meanwhile, Nightcrawler finds cover on a high building. He is worried about the madness which is raging throughout Manhattan. While he is trying to understand what's happening, a stone gargoyle starts a conversation with him. Down in the streets, mannequins from Bloomingdale's run amok and attack a young woman. Nightcrawler leaves his roof and rescues the woman, who reports that all mannequins suddenly came to life. Together they hide in "Forbidden Planet" where they meet animated stuff from various science fiction movies. While Starship Troopers patrol the shop, a large group of mannequins attacks. The troopers shoot them to pieces, but the mannequins body parts simply reassemble in a chaotic fashion.

Kitty uses the Soulsword to free Brian Braddock from the spell

Kitty, still fleeing from the Custodian, reaches a room where the dead and mutilated bodies of the X-Men hang down from the ceiling, bound with chains. She also meets Meggan who was transformed into the Goblin Princess. Kitty tries to attack Meggan, but suddenly her cheerleader clothes change into an evening gown. In front of an orchestra, Captain Britain - now wearing a suit and top hat - asks her to dance with him. She accepts, hoping to outdance him until he drops. He tries the same while the Goblin Princess watches.

Nightcrawler and a gargoyle break the spell over Rachel Summers

The Starship Troopers still fight against the mannequins at "Forbidden Planet". Suddenly, Nightcrawler discovers a mannequin wearing Rachel Summer's suit. He grabs it and tries to escape from the mob. Unfortunately, he isn't strong enough to teleport, but then he is rescued by the Gargoyle who lifts him up into the sky.

Kitty and Captain Britain dance in front of the Goblin Princess. After a while, Brian becomes weaker and stumbles while Kitty feels fresh and strong. The Goblin Princess stops the dance and chains Brian.

Crotus started the ritual in which he wants to bind Rachel with a spell. The ritual is conducted by another demon who eventually declares Crotus and Rachel to be married.

The Goblin Princess takes Captain Britain, now chained to her throne and dressed in a slave costume, to a remote tower. Suddenly, Kitty appears in front of her, wearing armor and wielding the Soulsword which manifested the moment before she entered the castle. With the sword, she breaks the spell over Captain Britain and Meggan.

The Grimoire ritual is almost concluded when Nightcrawler and the Gargoyle disrupt the ceremony. They attack the demons and Kurt closes the book. Then, he tries to reverse the ritual by throwing all core components - the original mannequin wearing Rachel's suit, the book and the demon, together. Phoenix awakes and Rachel manages to free herself from the spell. The spell reversal worked, but the Gargoyle broke during this process into many pieces. Nightcrawler mourns over the broken statue.

All people who were trapped in the cinema return to reality and run away from the building. Kitty, Meggan, and Captain Britain remain in the cinema, now dressed in their superhero suits, and shaken by the experiences they just made. Crotus, standing lonely in the deserted streets, sadly watches the disappearance of the other demons and his master.

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